Friday, April 07, 2006

A happy finish

I must say I am happy to be done with this one !
It was a sample for a class, on using triangle paper and also showing how you can mix & match with applique, for example.
I have also mixed both machine quilting, in and around the blocks,
and hand quilting around the flowers, which are done with fusible web.
The fabric I used for the light background was not my favourite.
It is a reproduction fabric of some kind,
and even though the appearance is good and the print is very nice,
it is a bit thick in the threads and did not hand quilt very well.
The experience from this spring is that this little quilt appeals to many people,but I feel it is not exactly me........
I like it better now that it is done ;-)
The blocks are 4,5" finished.
I brought it to class as a finished top

I use EQ5 making the patterns and handouts.
I enjoy using EQ5, and I am looking forward to use more time to get to know the program even better. I have used EQ since EQ4 and am still learning new things all the time :-)

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  1. Hanne-

    Thanks for visiting my blog! I love this quilt, very cheerful and pretty!


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