Monday, April 17, 2006

A little late, but not to late

A little late, but finished !
Mr. Easter Bunny will be my spring bunny for a week's time.
Now I have no unfinished Easter projects - I like it !

I have added another project to my list -
a name sign I have promised to make for someone a while back.
For me it is good to have a list to focus on :-)


  1. Hanne, your bunny is adorable! Good job and it is still good to use for spring. I've still got my bunny up on my little calendar quilt in the hall--you remove the little center quilts for the seasons.

    I love the "nose paper" term--actually that is exactly what they are! Here in the States, we would probably call them more by their trade name of Kleenex but ad men call them "facial tissues". Your name for them is definitely more descriptive of their use.

    That Bento Boxes is going to be gorgeous when completed!

  2. Oh, he's so CUTE! I love the expression on his face lol

  3. That is one cute bunny! Good for you for finishing him. I like working from lists too - always feels good to cross something off!... and then - I have the perfect excuse for adding something new to the list.



  4. This pillow is absoloutely adorable! I love it. You will enjoy putting it out each year for the Spring / Easter season.

  5. This turned out so cute. What a pleasure for you to share the process with us. I think I would enjoy it for a few days before I put it away for the year. I look forward to the completed bento boxes.

  6. I LOVE that Easter bunny cushion - so cute! Great idea with your daily threads too - it is often surprising what we can achieve in small steps :)

  7. Mr. Bunny is adorable! Good for you to finishing him up. Definitely need to keep him out for a while! Way too cute to put away!

  8. Hi Hanne, Mr. Bunny is such a cutie! He will add Easter charm to your home for lots of years! Good job on getting him done...*VBS*

  9. Hanne,
    That is just too cute for words. He really has personality!

  10. Cute bunny!

    It's been several non quilting days for me so I'm going to stay up a little while tonight and try to finish up a top. I hate those non-productive days.

  11. Nice, you actually finished that up pretty quick - I remember seeing mr. bunny...

  12. Anonymous8:38 pm

    Stilig påskehare - ein slik ein kunne kanskje til og med eg pynta med (som ikkje får somla meg til å pynte til påske før uka er over...

  13. Anonymous10:27 pm

    Congrats on the easter projects being done! This pillow is very cute.

  14. Anonymous12:48 am

    Hei Hanne, se der fant jeg en blogg jeg ikke visste om før. For seint å begynne å lese nå, men i morra - gleder meg.

  15. I love it--and it doesn't have to be just for Easter, it can be for Spring! so cute!


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