Thursday, April 20, 2006

Sunflowers galore

I've got the sunflower bug, caught from Evelyn / Starfishy
Thank you Evelyn - this is great fun :-)
Great fun to visit with a zip lock bag of ready cut tumblers. Perfect for a day most suitable to do small threads and fondle fabric.
I want to redo one of the flowers, and mix in one different yellow, to catch up with the orange, or change the orange to another softer one. I am sure you can see the flower ?
Row 2, the left one.
Lamp light does not bring out the true colours of these blocks.
I have made several of these flowers before, both as sunflowers and as poinsettias, but I have never made anything other than potholders from them.
I am not sure what I will make from these yet, but it will be something bigger than potholders I can promise you.
I have been thinking down many lanes today,
and braids in blue alternated with sunflower vines might be something to think more about - a topper for my dinner table maybe :-)

The two finished flowers on the top I spent most of the afternoon and evening looking for. I knew they were there, somewhere, and I knew I had seen them recently.
Isn't it typical - starting to look for something, not finding it where I thought it were, looking all over, not being able to let it go, and in the end, after searching through binders, boxes and drawers I found it in the magazine box on my desk, behind some purse papers, in a plastic pocket, where it did not belong at all ?

I can tell you this much - I still need to organize my papers even better, again !!

I will save this sunflower project to another day calling for small threads, and work on my list projects for the next days -
promise, I think ;-)


  1. Welcome to the Stash Quilts ring Hanne! I've enjoyed reading through your blog and seeing all your lovely quilts. Your Dear Janes are fabulous - the quilt and the stitchery!

  2. Your sunflowers are really nice, but as much as I love sunflowers you have provided a different colourway which I didn't think of - the pointsetta is gorgeous. What a nice Christmassy quilt that would make.


  3. I like your sunflowers and poinsietta (I probably mispelled that one). Thanks to you, I've got my eight little flowers done! Once I get the centers on I may post them. Making some progress anyway on this round robin.

  4. Oh, these are fun! I really like the idea of poinsettias, too! But I can't start anything else new right now!!!
    Jeanne :)

  5. lovely sunflowers and isn't that the truth? losing things only to find them where they do not belong!

  6. Anonymous10:42 am

    Du inspirerer alltid Hanne, og her imponerer du jammen med en velskrevet blogg også.
    Solsikkene er nydelige, og hvis jeg forsto måten å lage dem på rett, så er det jo genialt! Skal bli kjekt å følge prosessen videre.

  7. I love the flowers! What a great idea to do poinsiettas, too. This quilt will be so colorful and fabulous!

  8. I love the flowers Hanne!! I think several of you gals are catching that sunflower fever!! I adore the shade of yellow gold you used!!!

  9. That's a great idea - blue braids and yellow sunflowers. Too bad I didn't think of it when I was working on my braid quilts. I also want to make some sunflower blocks but I'm going to make myself finish other things first.

  10. I just love your projects, Hanne. I am going to have to watch myself. I am known for having a large number of UFOs - in part because I get inspired from quilting like what you do which makes me want to start more and more projects - while running out of time to finish them all. *VBS* I look forward to much more inspiration from your future posts.

  11. When I first looked at them, I thought they were cookies! :) They're so cute!!

    Judy L.

  12. Oh hey! I recognize those little itty bitty sunflowers! Too cute! I am putting mine on a 7" background because I thought 6.5" was cuttting it close. I also like the Christmas-sy flower. Am thinking some pink and purple ones would be nice too - I just love this pattern. Of course, I am thinking about any color right now except for BLUE becuase I am cutting out 4 BLUE scrap quilts - ugh. So, yellow is looking good. OK, got to cut some out so I can keep you company while you keep me company in making these!!!



  13. Nice flowers. I have try this one day.


  14. Oh, how cute! I love these sunflowers.. I'm another one who is known for several UFO's...and am restricting myself from starting any more til I do the twin quilts I am making for my cousin's new baby boys! Can't wait to see what you do with all these pretty sunflowers!

  15. Have you given any thought as to how you're going to set them? Of course, it made me think of making white picket fence strips... with some flying geese in a row for the pointy fence tops.... then applique sunflowers up above!

  16. oh how sweet--I went back and looked again--and they are small! It's great having a take along project. They will look really nice with alternating with a braid!


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