Friday, April 14, 2006

Nice day + quick gifts

Even if it is an hour and a half past midnight it is Thursday in my mind.
I am going to bed in a minute - I promise - so I can sew more tomorrow.

Today we have had a wonderful visit from my friend from work.
I left the firm 15 years ago,
and even if we are not keeping in touch all the time,
every time we meet it is like the time between visits are gone.
She brought her family, DH and DD,
and the 7 of us had a lovely dinner with leg of lamb,
followed by fresh baked waffles, home made strawberry jam and sorbets.
Good red vine was enjoyed and a good time were had by all, with a lot of laughter :-)

I needed 2 quick gift for tomorrow.
DH is bringing his mother, his father and an aunt to see another aunt who is living about 1 hour from here.
The 2 aunts have had birthdays recently, and as a little token of appreciation I made these 2 nose paper holders.
As I have just flung a lot of not so good scraps the rest is very usable,
and I could piece these from strings very quickly.
It was very nice to be able to just grab and sew from the black scraps zip lock bag :-)
These were made 2 at a time, with the measurements found at the Norwegian site
They were fast and easy, made from one piece, 6" x 11" divided in 2.

My friend from work also got a gift. She just turned 5o and deserved one,
as she always likes my sewing :-)

It is made in 2004, and has been in my box, as I do not have a table that fits. It is a commercial pattern I have made some changes to. Originally it was a wall hanging. I like table runners better than wall hangings, as I do not have many walls in my house.
I also find it easy to give seasonal things, as they do not need to be in display in the receiver's home all the time. Easy to give, easy to receive :-)


  1. Your nose paper holders are just lovely! And I love the table runner! Good jobs on all of them!

  2. You have been a busy girl! Those chickens are so darned cute and I am trying to remember where I might have seen them before.

    Several in my quilt group are "into" chickens so you think no pattern would get by them!

  3. What cute chickens and those skinny legs they have are just to die for.

    Your dinner menu got my taste buds acting up big time. Leg of lamb is my favourite dinner!


  4. Oh, those little chickens running around that table runner are so cute! That is also why I like to give seasonal gifts.

  5. Great idea to use strings to make the tissue holders. Non quilters will think you have put in lots of work and you know they are quick and easy! :)

  6. What cute chickens! I'm going to"save" this idea for someday.

  7. Cute idea!

    And I like the chickens too. :) It seems like I'm seeing chickens on blogs everywhere lately!

  8. Useful little presents and thoughtfully handmade.



  9. Great little gifts and on such short notice! You did good!!!


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