Sunday, April 16, 2006

Small steps and daily threads

I am sure you have been there too - where you don't think you have done nothing at all, but when you look back and count you still have some progress to your name.
Well - today is one of those days for me.
We have been having guest as well, so cooking, light cleaning and entertaining took most of the day.
The before mentioned almond cookies was a big hit today as well,
and they are now on my favourite list - quick, easy, and very tasty - not to forget wheat and dairy free.

I got these lovely flowers and branches on Friday, as a gift from DH's aunt.
They are very beautiful.
The nose paper holders were very well received :-)

Oh yes - the small steps and daily threads.
I have added lists for both projects to focus on and daily threads in my sidebar,
and even though I think I have done nothing, I have moved 2 projects forward.
I can not add any new projects to my list before finishing at least 2.
I will continue working on the Bento Box quilt tomorrow,
and even if Mr. Easter Bunny is belated regarding Easter, he will get he honour of being Spring Bunny for a while. It would be nice to work on the RR block as well.

Now it is late and it is time to say good night........ zzzzzzzzzzzz

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