Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Tagged 2 - My six weird things

Jeanne tagged me with this one :-)
  1. I like Mondays
  2. I like to drink Cognac (Brandy) instead of sweet drinks
  3. Mountain cranberries goes very well with meat, fish and brown cheese (Norwegian traditional goat cheese)
  4. I am snake phobic, even if I have never been very close to a living one in nature. I do not mind spiders much though, unless they are in the bedroom ceiling.
  5. I sing when I drive alone - loud
  6. I enjoy organizing my sewing things, but I can not always find what I am looking for.
I'm supposed to tag six more people, but I don't know who will enjoy doing this.

Maybe Inga Helene, Martha - NY, Elisabeth Augusta, Evelyn / Starfishy, Dot, and Linda J. will like to ?
If not, that's fine too :-)


  1. I sing while I'm driving too - loudly! I always sing along to the CD I'm playing. My old favorites from the 60's - folk music you never hear played anywhere these days. Celtic music. New age music. Those are my favorites. If there are no words it doesn't stop me - I just hum or "la,la" or "oooh".

  2. I like the sound of the cranberries and meat and cheese -- yum!
    Jeanne :)

  3. I'll do it, Hanne but will have to give it some thought. Trust me, it is NOT because I am perfect and without quirks. Stay tuned!

  4. Hi hanne, great weirdness of yours..*VBG* Thanks for sharing with us, it's fun to read some kookie things about each other

  5. have caught up with several posts-all great reading ...love the turquoise bag! happy birthday from one Taurus to another :-) we are strong women and have minds of our own-hurray for that!

  6. Anonymous9:17 am

    Artig dette - jeg har tatt opp trĂ¥den.


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