Thursday, April 27, 2006

In a good stream finishing wise

I have never participated in a Crazy patchwork Round Robin before,
and when I had the chance, on a Norwegian quilt list, I thought it might be a nice experience and joined. I just sent the block off today, before deadline.
It is made with silk, batiks and one ordinary quilt fabric.

I just want a small work, so mine is 6" by 9". The upper limit is 16" square. We are 7 to the group, so mine will not get everyone a lot of space to play on, but if others make a full square it can be nice with some not so big projects as well, don't you think ?
I have plans about what to make from this, but I will not tell before it comes home, if someone from the group reads my blog, so I don't limit them.
In fact I have a plan A, B and C depending on how the block looks when it returns home mid September :-)

This is my contribution to my own block - a spider's web, with spider.
Spiders means luck, and one can never have to much of luck :-)
From the beginning I planned to do the spider's web by hand, but could not get the right shimmer to the web. Doing it free motion on sewing machine gave it the right shimmer, just like a web covered by morning dew, in the early morning sun.
I had the pleasure of seeing a magnificent web in my garden last summer, complete with Mrs. Spider. It was such a sight in the early morning light, and amazingly enough it made it through a couple of heavy wind storms. What good work(wo)manship !!
Maybe Mrs. Spider would have been a good quilter was she human...........


  1. Hi Hanne,
    It is so pretty. I never knew that spiders were good luck. My house is very lucky then, heheh..

  2. Anonymous9:17 pm

    Very nice - I love your spider & web.

  3. I know that my husband was just reading something about dealing with housepests and an idea for dealing with our fire ant mounds the other day. He said that spiders are our friends because they can consume an enormous number of other things we don't like near as well.
    I love your silvery, shimmering one best!

  4. I never knew spider meant luck! I have a HUGE spider web in the upper corner of my back door and I always duck going out that door so as not to disturb it - drives some people I know absolutely crazy! I like your block and your shimmery web.



  5. WOW! This is a great spider web. I didn't know they were good luck but I will be sure to share that with others when they comment on the webs in my house.

  6. Fabulous colors, and I love your spider web! How clever! My garage must be the luckiest place on the planet!!

  7. Anonymous9:31 am

    supert utgangspunkt som skal bli spennende å se om noen måneder

  8. What a cool idea.... Nice spider web. (I think you will be happy that your project is smaller - it will come back fuller!)


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