Sunday, May 21, 2006

Another finish !

When I was at it I did the next Crazy patchwork RR too - which arrived to me early, due to the person before me in the round being away on vacation.
The owner of this background, May Britt, asked for brown decor.
My decor on these are the flowers and bird house on the big heart and the seam with pearls on the small heart.
The mother of pearl like pearls do not show much in the photo, but they look good - like pearl laces.
I have used mouline yarn and have mixed strands of thread so get various shades - like mixing one strand of brown, one stand of green and one strand of dusty pink for the French knots on one of the flowers.
I guess May Britt has plans for these hearts in her new apartment. I think they are turning out very nice. :-)
I will do the journals now, for both RR rounds, pack them in one packet and take them to the post office tomorrow, to send to the next person on the round.
I am three weeks ahead of schedule ! :-)


  1. Hi hanne
    These are gorgeous~they will be such a treasure.

  2. Your work is beautiful! Ahead of schedule--what a great feeling!

  3. Oh, this is an interesting swap! May Britt made the patchwork hearts, and then it's sent around and each other person adds embellishment? What color was your beginning piece? I'm intrigued.
    Jeanne :)

  4. Anonymous6:30 pm

    Lekker dekor du har valgt! Tipper mottaker blir veldig forn√łyd! Stitchery er jo lekkert da!

  5. Both your crazy round robin contributions are very pretty. What a nice idea for a round robin. I like both equally well, even though they look so very different. I've never had the desire to do a crazy quilt even though I love to embroider, but I really enjoy examining them for all the little surprising details.

  6. ahead of schedule? that is almost a treat--most of the time we are scrambling to get things done right up until the end. Which reminds me, I better find out when the deadline is for my next round to be done.

  7. I really like how you used the same embroidery design, but each one looks different on the different backgrounds. Yeah for being ahead of schedule!




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