Monday, May 22, 2006

The post office has great charm

The postal system in Norway claims that Norwegians sends less letters and packets than before,
and that internet has decreased their income.
I can not relate to this statement,
as I can with hand on heart say I have never sent so many cards, letters and packets as I do now, to friends around the world.

As we speak I have four letters / packets to be taken to the post office, 2 domestic, 2 abroad.

The above 4 four patches are also going to travel, for a friend who is making a comfort quilt for a child in need. May they bring comfort to the seamstress and to the little child and her family !


  1. Hanne, it is so funny that you mentioned the post office today. I went to the little post office in the little town I work in, and it was almost deserted at lunchtime when it's usually very busy. The lady told me that folks aren't mailing as much as they used to. Well, except for me. I had four packages go out today!

    Your blocks are lovely. ((Hugs)) to you for contributing to a child's comfort quilt!

  2. Hanne,
    Glad you are keeping the post office in business...I avoid it at all costs! Too incompetent! Love the comfort quilt blocks...those projects are so awesome to be involved in.

  3. Hanne,

    I am mailing more these days. Round Robins, Row Janes, wee gifties for dear friends I have never met. The internet has increased the time I stand in line at the Post Office...... Stand In Line... Perhaps that is why email has replaced the regular mail to some degree.

  4. Love those little four patches! I'll have to get involved in a swap or two, it sounds fun!

  5. Hi Hanne,the 4 Patch are so lovely!!! I think that the postal office is very important, perhaps because also I lately visit often it :))))

  6. I send very little by the post office these days but do ship quilts back to my mom and aunt via UPS. Most of my letter writing is done by email and my bills are paid online too. I do try to send cards for birthdays and special events though - that needs the more personal touch!

  7. part of the problem here is that they keep raising the postage rates and are about to again--they've already announce that two more are coming. No wonder we email!

  8. Boy, that problem with the post office just isn't going to go away either. Thank goodness for email!

    Your 4 patches are very pretty, and I'm sure they will be much enjoyed in a comfort quilt*VBS* I like you crazy quilt stitching too, you do very nice work.

  9. The blocks are perfect and much appreciated. The top shouldn't take too long to put together, so lookout for baby Shae's quilt later in the week or over the weekend! You are wonderful to help out in this way! Thanks again.
    Cathi in Ireland

  10. Anonymous9:23 pm

    I hope those little four patches do their job! Enjoy your trip to the post office!

  11. all very lovely work being done by you Hanne-and I am sure those four patches will indeed, bring much comfort.

  12. I often wonder about the fact that the simpler the block, the more beautiful they are. The four-patches are lovely! I do not use the post office often either, but I keep more in touch with people now than before, thanks to Internet.



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