Tuesday, May 16, 2006

I need a kickstart !

DD2's church confirmation went very well - thanks for all the good wishes :-)
The last guests left yesterday.
My aunt really liked the Bento Box quilt made from fabric given by her.

I am in a vacuum sewing wise.

Trying to get my sewing corner back in some kind of working order,
after having it stripped down to nothing is not easy,
and even if I want to sew I can not find the peace to sit down,
as nothing is in it's proper place, and nothing is calling my name.

I better give myself a kick in my (_Y_)
and start sewing - I have a lot on my list for May !

Where do I start ??

I better make myself a To Do list and stick to it :-)

* Cut and piece 4 table mats for my "DSIL". 2 for late (very very late) gift and 2 more because I would like to give them to him. These are really fast to do, and here is a photo of 2 he got autumn 2005:

To my relief I see I have machine quilted the 2 first meandering style, which is faster than quilting in the ditch.
I do not have all the fabrics I used for the first 2, but I think I still have a small piece of the blue cat fabric, which is the most important one.
One can hardly call these stashbusters but they will be made from fabric collection.
I actually passed on a free freight offer in a Norwegian online shop just a couple of minutes ago. I still need to shrink my fabric collection. It is my plan and I want to stick to it !!

* I will make 2 blocks for my circle quilt - the big block.
Next and last class day is Thursday this week.

* Make a couple more blocks for DD2's quilt

* Do a thread or two on this applique block
It is easier to have plan in photos and writing - I actually feel like starting now :-)

This is my plan for today, and I will do my best to stick to it !


  1. Those photos really do help more that just writing it down... Glad that your daughters special day went so well!

  2. I like those placemats! I might have to make some with my leftovers from my scrappy blue quilt. Keep working on your projects - you do such beautiful work! Right now I am forcing myself to work on some projects already started - so I am sticking to my to do list too.

    I hope everyone enjoyed your DD's day!



  3. how nice to have your home back, or on it's way back to normal :-)
    Hope you get yourself back into the swing today and enjoy yourself!

  4. What an ambitious plan for the day! I guess having a plan of action in writing DOES keep you accountable.

    Me, on the other hand, beyond lazy today--tomorrow, back to "work". In my defense, several phone calls to make and things to put up from our trip.

  5. You are one busy lady. Thanks for sharing all your projects and progress.

  6. After a week or so of no quilting progress I just outlined my plan too - once I get home on Friday I have to quilt for the next week or two and start cutting for a wedding quilt for my son. Luckily my Mom is going to help piece the top but I have to decide on a layout first!

  7. Anonymous12:09 am

    good luck with your list! I love those table mats!

  8. Hanne, the table mats blue are really beautiful.Very well!!!
    I adore the blue color:))))


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