Friday, May 12, 2006

Small finishes also have great charm

Where did the week go ??

Spring allergies has got the best of me this week, the pollen count being all time high, as well as preparing for the class I am attending and not to forget preparing for DD2's church confirmation on Sunday.

Since pollen has my nose running, eyes itching, mind blurred ( more than usual ;-) ) and all, I set my goals low sewing wise.

I finished 13 cornerstone blocks for class and have the rest, 7, in half circles ready to be sewn together. I have familiarized myself with the circle technique, and that is good :-) These blocks are 3.5" finished. I have not cut them to size yet.
I still have to work more on the big blocks, but this weekend will be busy with church confirmation, guests and food.

In Norway church confirmation at age 14 is the next big event to a wedding, and we are are having 29 guest for formal lunch with white table cloths, silverware, candles and all. 2 of the guests are coming tomorrow and staying to Monday.
We have to move all the furniture out of our living room to make room for the tables and chairs for the 29, and the sewing corner will be packed down. How will I manage ?? Where will I put all my things ?? Oh trouble ;-))

Wednesday next week, 17. May, is Norway's National Day, and it is a very formal day as well with dressing up all day, children's parades and all. No hope for sewing then either. One of my 2 sewing free days of the year. Christmas Eve, which is the big celebration day here, full of traditions through the day and evening, and 17. May.

Next and final class date is 18. May.

A little redwork angel from a stitchery workshop I attended last Saturday got finished today. We brought our own patterns and got a lesson on different stitches.
I guess I have embroidered to much in the past. I knew all the stitches, except a clever way of doing running stitches as an open backstitch, like in the wings. It works well on small running stitches through fabric + batting. I can not find the pattern. I think it is Australian - Angels in Diguise comes to mind. I told you my brain is more than normally blurry, eh ?

I had one more postcard on my to do list.
I sent an art postcard from shop to the person in need of a hug, but still I wanted to finish this postcard, and it is nice to have one in the drawer for another occasion in the future.


  1. Well, I hope you aren't so busy that you can't enjoy the day. Sounds very very special! Hope your allgeries get better soon.

  2. Hi Hanne
    Missed you!! Congratulations on DD2's big day! I know you will be back to stiching soon. The little angel and the post cards are adorable and the circles are very inpressive!!

  3. The curved piecing (I guess that's what you call it) still looks hard but yours looks so neat.

    I love your redwork angel and your stitching all looks so perfect!

    Hope you all have a wonderful time with your guests at the confirmation. And, surely hope you are feeling good for the big event.

    Judy L.

  4. Englen er kjempesøt! Det "rynkete" smilet gikk rett i hjertet på meg.

    Lykke til med konfirmanten, - blir nok godt å ha helgen vel overstått.

    ps. Har jeg sagt at jeg er storfan av bloggen din :-) ?

  5. Such an impressive pile of those blocks Hanne!! They look just wonderful..*VBS*
    And I love your redwork Angel..really a nice design.

  6. Love the embroidery...need to do some redwork soon, I keep admiring it! The curved piecing looks great!

    Hope you have a wonderful day for your daughter's confirmation and for your national day.

  7. Those blocks came out nicely! And good luck with the confirmation tomorrow.

    Lovely redwork and postcard also


  8. Wow, you have been busy! That is a lot of blocks, embroidery and postcard to get done when you have so much other stuff going on too.



  9. and you got this much done, not feeling well??? oh my...I could never get half that amount done myself...well done, and I hope Sunday goes well.

  10. Oh my goodness, Hanne, I think I'm going to change your name to superwoman! What a lot you have accomplished to not feel well. Add the other things on your plate and I would have gotten absolutely NOTHING done. You are an inspiration to us all.

  11. Hanne you are "Superquilter"! All this and you aren't feeling well? The circles turned out well and I love the redwork!

    (I love to do embroidery like that when I have the time. Some snowman blocks are currently in progress--probably my car project on the way home)

  12. Hanne, I love the Starboat quilt! what a neat block. I didn't realize the block had a circle in the center until I saw your block. This is certainly a challenging quilt! I really like the idea of using little blocks for the cornerstones - yours are looking great!

  13. How did you do the edge on that post card? (My edging is horrid, but done...)

    For someone under the weather, you got a lot done & it was "hard" - circular work! GOOD JOB!

    Enjoy your daughter's big day.


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