Friday, May 26, 2006

Today's goals

It has been a busy day - life interfering with quilting again.

Setting goals feels good, so I will do it today too.
I can promise the list will be short and sweet ;-)

I want to finish the 2 DJ blocks from yesterday, possibly start on the next 2 so I can send them over the weekend, if not before.
We will be making blocks as long as we think it is fun.
I guess we will continue through the year - time will tell.

I also would like to do 2 NI blocks - my comfort snack these days.

I like the variety of DJ, NI, Dutch Treat and other similar quilts. I am not so good at making a lot of blocks with the same pattern.

I am not a gratitude counter - or maybe I am - in the privacy of my creative corner.
However - today I will count 2 - quilting and friends - I am grateful for both - daily !


  1. good goals for the day! enjoy

  2. Goals list is better small and do-able! That's a great list!


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