Friday, May 26, 2006

Yesterday's accomplishments

Here is what I made yesterday - yes, I really did ! :-)

Binding on the last 3 of these 4 table mats for DD1's boyfriend.
I gave him a gift certificate for Christmas (!!) for 2, as I have given him 2 before, and he wished for 2 more.
I ended up adding 2 more so he now has 6 - for being nice :-) He is my very patient blog helper whenever I am in need. Due to him giving me good instructions it has been a while now :-)
I also found cat fabric to have on the back as you see. This guy loves cats.

Then I did 2 of these - the other 2 are from a couple of days back.
These blocks belong to a Nearly Insane quilt in the making.
I never was to fond of the original colourway, but (re-)fell in love with the quilt after seeing it done in red and white by Reiko from Japan.

Next the Celtic applique block from Quilt University class with Nancy Chong was to be finished !
Celtic applique is not at all me - conclusion after class - but Nancy Chong is a very good instructor, and I have learned a lot about the bias stem maker from Clover, inner and outer curves and weaving the bias strip over and under to make the design look right and good ! Good learning curve ! Learning is never wasted :-)

As you know, I already have a full and finished Dear Jane quilt, but I am enjoying a one on one swap with a friend. We have swapped before, in autumn colours, and this time summer colours are the palette. We both make 2 and 2 blocks alike - keep one set, send the other.
These blocks lacks the final applique around the curves.


  1. So how does your DJ swap work? Does it end up that each of you only have to make half (x2) of the blocks for a full quilt each? I think that Nearly Insane quilt in red and white will be beautiful!

  2. WOW! You have gotten so much done! All variety of techniques too.

  3. Anonymous7:38 pm

    you have been SO busy!!!! I'm in awe. Those NI blocks in red and white looks wonderful. And I love the placemats.

  4. Are those DJ blocks Hattie's Hen House? If the answer is yes, then I have remembered on of them at least. It is one of my favorite ones to make. I use Linda Franz's method of hand piecing on that one. I really like the the fabric you have used.

    Great Celtic Applique. You are so talented.

    The Nearly Insane blocks are so square and I like the red and white.

    Aren't you pleased with yourself to have finished the placemats. Those finishes are so rewarding. Such an encouragement for us all.

  5. You are about the busiest person I know of, I believe a tie with Finn. Thanks for sharing your accomplishments. I certainly look forward to seeing them.

  6. Wow - you sure have a big variety of projects going, and they are all so pretty. I like the red color-way blocks!



  7. I like the celtic block a lot - like you, it's not something I'd make a whole quilt with, but it's lovely to look at, and I might try one some day. What are you going to do with yours?

    And of course, I love the cat fabric in the placemats!

  8. I LOVE the red and white nearly insane.. It is a summerbreath!!

  9. what beautiful work you do! I love the DJ blocks--maybe that will inspire me to get mine out and start working on them again.


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