Sunday, June 25, 2006

Blogger hickups

A blogger without a blog is like a quilter without spools !

Yesterday I did not have a blog, by the looks of it - just an empty screen.
As I am not known to be seen without a thread on, rather the opposite - thread on every piece of garment - I could not have been disconnected for bad behaviour on the world wide web ;-)

Odd thing was, when I after a while tried DH's computer I could access my blog through both IE and Opera, and I also found I could access my blog through a link I had sent to a list, on an earlier post, and I could log in and even publish.
The pressure can cover is published during that time, as a test.
My blog life was like a book with no front page or a house with no door - strange indeed !

I was relieved when I saw I was on again :-)

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  1. Hanne,

    I noticed you were missing in action, glad to see you up and running again. I love the Dear Jane work you have done.



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