Sunday, June 25, 2006

Choices are good !

After, or rather while doing my full Dear Jane quilt, I also made these.
The blue and white one is made from fabrics I have got for gifts - the upper left corner is fabric that my DD2 bought for my birthday one year, from her own money :-)
All the blocks are machine sewn and the small quilt is hand quilted.

The second is a Row Jane - like a Round Robin in rows.
Special rules was made.
One could not repeat any blocks made in any row before or a row combination done before
and it was a recipe for what rows could be used.
Row combinations on this one:


The owner of the finished quilt sends all the fabrics needed and prepares the setting.
One can add one's row to the top or to the bottom.
I started this one and my row is the middle row - ABCBA


  1. Oohh Hannne. I love these little DJ. This is a great idea to do !! I don't want to make a bigger one. but I like the DJ so much. You inspired me to do this ! Thank you .

  2. Well done! I don't know which I like better but the blue and white combo is always good--like porcelain! What a sweet gift from your daughter to get you fabric that she knew you would use.

  3. Nice quilts Hanne, I like both of them. White and blue, you never can go wrong. Your colors are very beautiful also. Both are the tops.

  4. Anonymous5:06 pm

    Those are both lovely!


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