Sunday, June 04, 2006

Come June, come sun

I need the light, I need to wiggle my toes in my sandals, drinking tea on the veranda, while smelling the lilacs that are finally in blomes :-)

Health wise I am dealt a very bad hand right now, and I am very house bound. I am back on surgery waiting lists as from last week. Waiting is very draining, especially during summer, and I will deal with this in the only way I know how - I will sew !!

Not that I think you wonder - but I have made a priority list for June ;-)
Focusing is Good !

First priority - DD2's quilt.
It is boring to sew - 2 colours and only 1 shape, in 2 sizes,
but DD2 loves it and wants it - it will be done in June.

Second priority - Starboat quilt.
This quilt is on my Want list, from class in May,
and I want the top done before June 20. Hopefully I can join the class get together that day !

These Nearly Insane blocks will be my comfort food - I am looking forward to do them and they make me smile :-)
Before I can work on them the other 2 projects will get their daily thread(s).
These blocks will be my carrot!


  1. Anonymous2:20 pm

    Hanne, I'm so sorry to hear about your ever returning health problems. Let's hope that the waiting will not go on and on "forever". May the sun shine everyday to help you keep the spirits up.

  2. You are so organized. That is likely how to manage to finish so many projects!

    Sorry to hear you are house bound as you wait for your surgery. I will be thinking of you this month as you sew and wait.

  3. Oh my goodness, Hanne! Sorry you're feeling so poorly -- I hope the surgery can be scheduled soon.
    The purpley color in your daughter's quilt is really pretty!

  4. The sun is very bright and very hot here in Taunton UK so I will try and send you some to lift your spirits - thank goodness you have your stitching to keep you occupied - hope you feel better real soon

  5. The sun shines here between rain, I have been working outside when I can and not much on the sewing front. I am sorry to hear of your impending surgery.Hope all goes well.

  6. It's strange isn't it, that we make 'comfort' quilts for others but that sewing can be a comfort to us too. Hope you keep your spirits up by working toward your goals.

  7. Hanne, I am sorry that you are not feeling well and are facing surgery. It looks like you are not letting it get you down if you feel up to sewing--not giving in to depression about the situation you find yourself in. Big hugs being sent your way.

  8. Anonymous4:12 am

    Hanne, sending some sunshine and hugs your way. I hope the surgery is speedy and successful

  9. Hanne: I hope you are able to have your surgery soon and you will be on the road to recovery.

    I love your DD's quilt but I love purple!!

    The nearly insane blocks would make me insane. They look hard but are very pretty!

    Judy L.

  10. I hope your surgery goes well - and that you get to enjoy a lot of sewing before and after!

    The starboat blocks remind me of peppermints. :)

  11. Sending prayers for your successful and quick restoration to good health. Surgery isn't a fun prospect. Stitching is the very best therapy!

  12. Anonymous12:23 am

    hanne, this red and white NI quilt is DELICIOUS! you are motivating me to try a two-color complicated itty bitty pieces quilt again. also, i see your DD1 has your creative gene! love those pixel hearts.
    your quilting friend,
    ellen in fl

  13. It may be boring to sew but it's looking wonderful. I hope you aren't feeling too bad as you wait for surgery.


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