Thursday, June 01, 2006

Looking back on May

What a busy month it has been !
Life has taken the front seat, and not in just the pleasant ways,
but as a true life wanderer I am putting one foot in front of the other.

Many times I have thought about how rich I am with my fabrics, needles and thread, and how I have used and can use these tools to come through whatever it is in my life, always.
How comforting it is to fondle fabric, thumb quilting books and let the mind wander on creative paths.
The familiar hum of the sewing machine and the movement of an applique needle can ease many a heavy burden.

When life is turbulent I also find comfort in organizing my fabrics, tidying my sewing table, sorting my books and I enjoy going though my things. My fabric collection looks very nice and organized at the moment :-)

The above 4 Dear Jane blocks was my last accomplishment for May.
As you see they are not cut to size, as 2 of these are out traveling now, across the big pond, to a friend, with whom I swap 2 DJ blocks every month.
We all have our own way of cutting, so she can cut her own to size and I will cut mine later.

On a list I am on, the listmom gave a challenge to keep a list of what we finished from Lent to end of May. Even when I thought I had not done that much, the list has been growing :-)

Finishes for From Lent Until End of May Challenge

* Mr. Easter Bunny pillow
* Crazy patchwork RR round 1 done and sent 27. April
* Bento Box quilt
* Name sign, machine embroidered and quilted
* 4 DJ blocks for April done
* 2 blocks for Val's quilt done and sent
* Postcard for friend's birthday done and sent
* Another postcard done
* Redwork block from stitchery workshop done
* Crazy patchwork RR second round before May 22.
* Crazy patchwork RR third round before June 12.
* 4 placemats for gift
* Celtic applique block from Quilt University class
* 4 DJ blocks for May done

As you can see, even many small things and small threads adds up :-)
I am taking the list off my sidebar today.

How did my To-Do list for May do ?

Goals for May

* Continue working on DD2's quilt - it is on my sewing table being worked on as we speak.

* Work on applique block # 2 from Quilt University class - NOT - moved to June.

* Keep up with class work from class starting in May on a weekly base. I don't want to be a late student ;-) - I was good enough - still many blocks to make, but I kept up with class ;-)

The rest of the goals are met :-)

* 4 Dear Jane blocks in summer colours for May
* Work on applique block # 1 from Quilt University class
* 4 placemats for gift
* Crazy patchwork RR second block before May 22.
* Quilted postcard for friend's birthday

For me it has been nice to do these lists - both for being accountable to myself and to show myself that even when I some days feel nothing is moving sewing wise it actually is !

Through May it has been both finishes and new starts quilting wise,
but it has been more finishes than new starts so the comfort level is good :-)

I am closing the door on May and am looking forward into June !


  1. I like your sum up approach to May-hope you enjoy June and are able to meet all your goals.

  2. Anonymous9:03 pm

    What a lovely post :-) I really identified with that first section...

    Good luck in June!

  3. Great post! Bring on June...oh wait, it's HERE! LOL

  4. You have such a lovely way of saying things.

  5. Hello Hanne, what a lot you have accomplished in May, I think that is wonderful!
    And keeping a list really does help, I think.

    Your DJ blocks are sooo pretty. I know they will look wonderful in your quilt, and in your friends.

  6. I totally agree with you about the life-thing. The best thing to do when I'm upset is to sit infront of my studio window and sew (and occasionally look out on the nature).

    I think you did nice in your challenge :-)


  7. I hope that whatever is making things rocky will soon be "smoothed over" for you, Hanne.

    The blocks are lovely and bit by bit you are probably getting closer to having your Dear Jane quilt ready.

    I would say that you have had quite a productive month, by golly!

  8. You and Finn have to be the most productive busy women I know of.

  9. I feel lazy after reading all you accomplished! Good for you!

    Judy L.

  10. Wow, you have really gotten a lot done! Yes, plugging away at a project, little by little, sure adds up into getting things done. You deserve a round of applause--clap, clap, clap! Great job on getting those DJ blocks done. I started off real well with mine and sadly, I've slacked off on mine. Reading about yours makes me want to get back to mine. But I'm at the preparation point again--I hate that part. It's the stitching that I love.

  11. I know that May was a busy month for you in many ways. I too like to sew as a stress-reliever, plus I enjoy it, it relaxes me, and I feel like I accomplish something that will stay done! You have done lots of nice things this month.



  12. Imponerende! og det via bare disse små, daglige "trådene".

    Å sette seg mål er avgjort en hjelp, og så å følge dem opp ettersom dagene går.

  13. Heelo Hanne Dear,
    I am so glad we have sewing to get us through the rough spots! You are getting so much done!! and setting a great example for the rest of us-love and hugs:)

  14. Good job one the progress you have made on your sewing. I wish I could get more done on some of my older projects. But The point of quilting is to enjoy it. It can be really relaxing.



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