Thursday, June 08, 2006

Daily threads - again :-)

Yesterday I joined the rest of DD2's quilt, pieced the backing from fabric collection and had DH help me spray baste so I can start machine quilting in sections today.

DH is very good with the spray basting,
and we usually have a good time when we work together on my quilts.
It was in fact he who basted most of my Dear Jane quilt too, by hand,
as I was indisposed at the moment.
He said yesterday, grinning, that when he helps me with the basting
he feel like he is a part of the process as well, by contributing.
He thinks it is positive.
I think I will keep him ! ;-)

Now that I see the quilt in the finishing stages I am glad I did not give up on it
or let it lay around for to long.
It looks good and DD2 is happy about it.
It frequently amazes me how good the "one thread a day" concept is !
Even the most boring or challenging things can be done with it.
This was boring, even if it looks good now.
2 colours, one shape, even if it is in 2 sizes, 3" and 6" (finished)

As you see I have only added borders to the upper and lower edge.
The quilt was generous on width but not length when it comes to covering DD2's bed,
so we mutually decided to do it this way. Now it is approx. 44" x 78"
When she gets a sofabed sometimes in the future this quilt will also be good to cuddle under :-)

I know why I love my Dear Jane quilt so much and I know why I look forward to work more on my Nearly Insane quilt - even if it is 2 colours, more or less -
the variety of shapes and blocks make my head spin in a very satisfying way :-)

I wish I had easy access to one of the skilled machine quilters on this blog ring,
but in lack thereof I have to do the quilting myself.
No fancy quilting - it is beyond my skills - but a straight stitch quilting to enhance the on point square.
I think the most important is to get this quilt done - to warm and hug my DD2,
and for me to get room to move on to another project :-)

I hope to visit all on the blog ring again today.
Yesterday evening I could not do anything but look.
No uploading, no commenting.


  1. Hanne,
    Your DH sounds so sweet. That is lovely he is so interested in being part of your passion.

  2. Looks beautiful Hanne! I am sure your quilting will be wonderful-and I hear it does get better with practice!

  3. Fabulous quilt! I love your concept of quilting in smaller sections. Excellent idea. Sure beats trying to fit it all in the throat of your domestic sewing machine.

  4. The quilt looks lovely, and how neat that your DH likes to contribute..that is sooo sweet!

    I'm glad you didn't give up on the quilt..*VBS*

  5. My DH likes to help pin and unpin so he can say he helped make a quilt when I am making one for a present. I think I'll keep mine too! :)


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