Friday, June 09, 2006

Generous gift + setting Saturday's goals

These fabrics + the English paper piecing pattern came in the mail today from a good friend,
as a contribution to "occupational therapy" during this time of waiting.
I am not often caught speechless, but today I was ;-)

Some other good tidings was received as well,
and the sun has been shining,
so I have also been out on the veranda, with coffee and book, wiggling my toes in my sandals and enjoying the scent of the lilacs blooming, belated but still very appreciated !
It was like being embraced by nature - warm, soft and lovely.

The art of being happy is to make one's pleasures simple - Chinese proverb

This has been a good day, with rest and good moments !
Other than the usual Friday morning exercise and physiotherapist massage,
I have spent most of the day on the veranda, and have also done some machine quilting. Not much, but even 30 minutes is more than nothing :-)

Plans for tomorrow:

More quilting on DD2's quilt. It will get more quilting than I originally planned - typical, right ? ;-)
Some work on the Starboat blocks - maybe 2 blocks ?
I want to play with the red fabrics and NI blocks too :-)


  1. Nice Hanne! I am glad you hve such wonderfrul freinds.ooxx-martha

  2. what a nice gift Hanne! It is always such a gret surprise to get a gift in the mail! Love the purple quilt below as well!

  3. Love all those reds!

    In your breads, if you can't have wheat, what grain do you use? Share your recipe?

  4. Lucky You!

    Klem fra Sølvi


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