Thursday, June 15, 2006

Days passing by

Days have been passing and life has taken front seat.

I have nothing new to share, but want to show you a quilt I love very much.
It is a group quilt, made by internet friends around the world,
with my favourite block and my favourite colours.
The binding is also red.
I make the bed with this quilt every day :-)

Quilting wise I am working in threads - a little every day,
and I proudly announce that I am done machine quilting DD's quilt this afternoon !
I need a kick in the (_Y_) to get back to the Starboat quilt - today !!


  1. Anonymous6:09 pm

    What a lovely quilt from friends! hope you are enjoying life :-)

  2. The log cabin is such a simple block - but how stunning it looks in a simple colour scheme and the red really gives it zing! Lucky girl.
    Congrats on finishing the quilting. I've just finished my first bed-sized quilt and I did it in sections too. Can't wait to see your finished picture :)

  3. Interesting to note that we have the same preferrences in blocks. The Log Cabin is the top of my list for a favorite block. I enjoy your colors too....... You are such an inspiration,


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