Saturday, June 10, 2006

Even the best laid plans

Even the best laid plans can be changed without it being any loss at all.

I have quilted on DD2's quilt, and letting all the rest be put aside.
By now all the white on the quilt are done, 2" apart, in straight lines, partly in the ditch.
That means I am half done !
I had a book on tape on ear plugs and the time went fast. I like to listen to crime novels.

I also got very inspired by Judy's cooking today, and baked 4 breads for my family.
I can not eat wheat, so I usually bake my own bread, in the bread machine and buy bread for the others.
In fact I do like my bread better if it is made without the machine, and it keeps better,
so now that my family has got their bread, with wheat, I will make some for me tomorrow,
and maybe some bread rolls too.
I do like to bake bread and bread rolls - I just tend to forget it from time to time.
Bread rolls also are delicious with home made soup.
I used to make soup often earlier - maybe I should do it more again.
Nothing beats a home made vegetable soup with fresh baked bread or bread rolls on the side.

Tomorrow will be a busy day - with DD2 going to a choir festival locally, in the morning and all of us going to a barbecue with friends from years back in the early afternoon.
I hope to fit in some sewing in the early hours of the morning, before driving DD2 to the choir festival and before picking her up again to take her and me a little late to the barbecue.
She will wear my national costume for the festival as national costumes are required.
I have to fit the belt by some stitches and adjust the waist by safety pins. The dress is very easy to adjust as I have fitted it with many push buttons in each side from earlier. It is the flaps under the belt that has to secured by safety pins for the occasion, so they do not show by falling down from under the belt.

My nose is a bit red from being outdoors a lot for the last few days,
and it feels good after a long winter and a very late spring.
Looks like nature is catching up in super speed.


  1. half done with the quilt? that's terrific!

    I wish you could come give me some breadmaking lessons. I can do it a little but am not at all confident in my skills. I have made semolina bread in baguette type pans but it has been awhile.

    I used to be just as bad about anything with egg whites but finally got over that. Maybe there is hope?

  2. Hanne, you amaze me. Your work is beautiful and you are so fast. I love the quilt for your daughter. Keep up the good work.

  3. Hmm ... you're making me hungry! I am not a bread maker, but I think you've inspired me to go home and make some homemade soup!

  4. time spent quilting is so wonderful-of course that is all you wanted to do! hope you continue to enjoy your days doing as you please. your bread sounds yummy too.

  5. Hanne,
    Glad you got some good quilty time in! I need to do that too!


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