Tuesday, June 27, 2006

DD2's quilt and a change of mind

It is done and it is looking Good !!
DD2 is in the Netherlands at the moment, on a choir tour, arrived in Maastricht (sp?) today.
Before she comes home on Friday I will make her bed with clean sheets and put her quilt over.
Nothing says welcome home like a fresh made bed.

In Norway we do not sleep under quilts.
Well, I do, in winter, under duvet + quilt + open window.
We use our quilts more for decorations.

We do not have many old quilts in Norway.
Most quilts that were used were used to the very last thread, Norway being a poor country until after WW2.
I have also been told that when tuberculosis were common one had to burn all the bed clothes in the houses where the disease hit, including covers and quilts.
Some quilts have been found dig down, packed in water resistant material.
I can only imagine some women trying to save their heirlooms.
Hardanger embroidery can also be seen on old bed sheets, as well as monograms and white on white embroidery.
The Norwegian Quilt Association is gathering all the info they can get on old quilts.

The change of mind.
When working on DD2's quilt I thought a 2 colour quilt was not so very exciting to do, even if I used several purples and several whites.
Seeing the finished result I take it back. I think I can do more 2 colour scrappy quilts.
I thought DD2's quilt would make a dent in my purple collection.
Not very much so.
I bought 5 fat quarters for variety but other than that the whole quilt is made from my fabric collection.
I can see it has shrinked, but not as much as I had hoped.
I am contemplating making a double 4-patch like the one Joanne is working on - purple and off whites again maybe ?


  1. This turned out beautifully Hanne. What a wonderful surprise for her to find on her bed when she comes home! I'm with you - two color quilts aren't that much fun to sew. But if you use several different fabrics of each it's not too bad. I can't imagine how people stuck with making a bed size quilt from two solid color fabrics - boring!

  2. Great! She will love her Welcome Home! When I made my purple/cream Shakespear in the Park - I thought like you - never, ever again a 2 color quilt (even though I used lots of different purples and whites), but now that it is done, I love it!



  3. Absolutely beautiful!!

  4. The two colours worked really well. I love the variety in the colours, but the calm pattern of the quilt top.

  5. This turned out great. I also like two color quilts using scraps. I rarely make a two color quilt with only two fabrics.

  6. What a wonderful surprise for your daughter to come home to! Fresh clean sheets and a new quilt on the bed.

    Interesting to hear more about your country's quilting tradition.

  7. Very nice Hanne. Your daughter is going to love this quilt and what a surprise to come home to a new quilt on your bed. I really like the color choices. I like the look of two color quilts even though they can be a bit boring to make.

  8. I like the quilt that you did for you daughter... (I had a hard time pictureing how it would turn out from the older photos...)

    Double 4-patch would work nice with those colors too..

  9. Very nice quilt in purple and white!

    I like the way it looks almost three dimensional. Good job!

  10. Anonymous7:10 pm

    Hanne, that quilt is wonderful, and I am sure your daughter will be thrilled when she gets home to see it!

  11. Love the way this has turned out :)


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