Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Moments of tranquility

After many days with low temperatures and a lot of rain, the sun again blessed us.
Before the sun broke through the wind calmed, so I brought a quilt and a book outdoors to enjoy a breath of fresh air.
Later, when the sun broke through I also brought my cup of tea, a couple of jelly ladies and the latest crazy quilt Round Robin I am working on - due July 3.
6 years a ago I got lovely hand dyed silk thread for my birthday. It is perfect for this work,and looks very good on the white silk I am decorating.
I am working on the swirl you see in front, and my plan is to cover the white with swirls and pearls.
Sitting in the sun I also closed my eyes for a minute, smelling the air, enjoying the birds singing.
A lovely scent came with the mild breeze, and suddenly I was 30 years younger, smelling my luxury soap bar, jasmine scented.
The mind is a strange thing, archiving memories like this - the pink soap bar I saved for special occasions, for dressing up, for young love and young fun.

Now I think I will find my box with purple fabrics and cut some pieces for a double 4-patch quilt.
I have recently bought some lovely CW repros on eBay, and I need to make room for them.
My DD1 can also use a new quilt :-)


  1. Sounds like a delightful afternoon! :)

  2. You left a note at my blog so I had to come for a visit. You are doing some beautiful things. Your embroidry project is wonderful! You are very productive--I will keep coming back to check your progress. Love the Dear Jane stuff!

  3. the Crazy quilting looks great. Lots of hours of work -- hope you get to enjoy them all in the sun :-)

  4. Isn't it curious how sometimes a fragrance can bring back a vivid memory. I'm like you - I need to shut my eyes to really see it. It's as if one needs to shut out the visual in order to concentrate on the other senses. As always, your handwork and embroidery is beautiful and inspired.

  5. Anonymous1:45 am

    hei Hanne. Lenge siden sist! Er innon din blogg når jeg har tid foran pcen og følger livet ditt:) Mitt egner seg ikke på trykk for tiden, og har ikke gjort det på lenge! Som for alle andre kommer livet iveien titt og ofte, det er bare å prøve å finne de små gleder, selvom det er langt mellom dem og jeg har ikke mye overskudd til å nyte dem. God sommer. Marit

  6. Now that sounds like a picture postcard day, Hanne. Decent weather and doing what you love to do--what could be better than that?

  7. What a lovely scene -- sunbeams, a cup of tea and stitchery!
    Jeanne :)

  8. Anonymous7:11 pm

    Enjoy your sunshine and lovely project!

  9. Your handwork is so delicate. What a peaceful and relaxing day you must be having.

  10. Ah, good smells, lovely weather, doing what you enjoy, and a sweet to eat. Sounds like a lucious day. Please tell us - what are jelly ladies?

  11. Hanne,
    Great crazy quilt and love DD's quilt!!!

  12. Your time in the sun and fresh air sound so lovely. Very victorian, and charming..*VBS* You have given me a very big smile memory..thank you..Hugs, Finn


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