Friday, June 23, 2006

Porcelain Pillow

This has not been the most active week sewing,
as school has ended and DD2 has been preparing for going to Germany and the Netherlands with her choir, on a 7 day trip.
They will be giving concerts all the 7 days.
They are going by boat just now, from Norway to Denmark. Tomorrow morning they will drive through Denmark to Germany where they will stay in private homes.
It will be a good experience in many ways I am sure !

DD1 and her boyfriend will also go for a 4 day trip,
and guess what I will do - sew, sew, sew :-)

The HST project became this pillow - 16" square.
It is not easy to sew for a home I have not been to,
but I know the colour theme is blue, green and rust red.

I think this pillow looks like porcelain tiles - I like it :-)
I used 2 layers of thin stiff polyester batting on the front piece, to get the right stiffness, and yet the quilty appearance.
I quilted the star points just outside the blue and the center square 1/4" from the seam.
The back is buttoned with 5 wooden heart buttons.


  1. I love your last projects ! They have so much rest and peace in them ! And what great: your daughter is comming to my country !Where does she gives her concerts ?

  2. Well done! I could not open your blog at all last night let alone the comments--not sure what was up with that! SO anyway, had to peek to see what I missed this morning. Enjoy your sewing time!

  3. Hanne, great projects. I tried to just your blog last night and just got a white page. I was worried you left us, so HAPPY to see you are back today with wonderful eye candy for us. Have a great week-end. It is supposed to be 90-100 here this week-end so it will be an insider for me. I do not do the hot days well.

  4. What a nice pillow. I need to make some new cushions my self and I wonder, how large are the finished stars?


  5. You have a lot of pretty blue and white projects - this pillow, the half square triangles quilt, the dear jane. Have you heard of the book Dutch Treat? It is full of blue and white patterns made to look like Delft Tiles. Most of it is reverse applique.


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