Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Watermelon quilt day

My first plan was blue and white sashing - 2 stripes of blue and 1 of white.
As you know I had to little of the blue, by 4" or so,
and I did not find any blue to my liking in the quilt shop, but I found these -
floral linen like fabric and a lovely green.
I also found a lovely fabric for backing - white with green "see-trough" stripes and green flowers.
If you add your good will you can see it behind the sashing fabrics.

I went to the reunion,
and believe it or not - I was the only one there, from class.
Even the teacher was not there :-P
It felt a little strange, but as I had shopping business to do,
it did not bother me.
It is a 45 minutes drive each way.

First - this is my favourite quilt shop, and I had to shop for sashing and backing.
She who had hand quilted the quilt for the teacher was there as well, helping in the shop, so I got some advice for primitive large stitch quilting as well.
My quilt will be quilted like she did the original, with silk thread and primitive stitches.
The silk thread is thicker than quilting thread and softer.

Second - they have a Tuesday get-together there every Tuesday, open for all, so I was not alone.
One of the ladies at the get-together attended the class as well, but did not like it, so she had only made one block. She was not there for the reunion.
I got tea and chat - lovely.
I also learned that the shop will have the Tuesday get-together through the summer - nice to know.

Third - I got to deliver samples for my Dear Jane class - the blue and white miniature, and the repro Row Jane

Fourth - they have a repro quilt exhibition there right now - lots of nice things to see :-)

The teacher from my class came when I was about to leave, around 1 pm, as she had been busy elsewhere, and she saw my blocks and all.
We will meet for chat and tea another Tuesday at the shop.

I haven't sewn anything this evening. I have to wash the fabrics before starting the sashing,
and the evening has been busy with other things.

Tomorrow I have to put in a day on a birthday gift due on Saturday. I will make a pillow. Need to think a little more about the pattern.
The stitchery I started last week does not work for me - no fun - no pillow.
I used a Nancy Halvorsen pattern,
and it was not as fun to do as I first though.
I am flinging it - now - and feel no loss - 12" square of muslin and a square of batting + a couple of hours stitchery.
I don't even feel an urge to keep it as an Ufo and have no intensions of doing it later !
I am not known to fling much of anything - I feel like a quilt rebellion - yeah ! ;-)
I like patterns with many details better, like the Australian ones.

Bright moment !
When I sat writing this I thought of a pattern with HST - and yes, it will work well.
Come morning I will start it - blue heart on off white / beige background.
I love my Triangulation 2.0 CD !


  1. The blocks are looking good--sounds like you were able to salvage the day in spite of being the only one there for a time.

    Nice hardwood floors like I wish we had in my house--I hate this green carpet that shows every blessed thread.

  2. Glad you had fun at the quilt shop anyway. I love how "watermelon" is coming together. Your new fabric additions are perfect!

  3. The fabrics you chose are perfect. No one but you came to the reunion - how strange! Had everyone received a reminder about it? At least your time wasn't wasted - you had a good time anyway and did some necessary shopping.

  4. this is a great block. Love the greens.

  5. The fabrics are charming!
    How disappointing that the reunion didn't work out -- but good that you were able to make the best of it.
    OOH, YOU THREW THAT PIECE AWAY?! You are a rebel, that's difficult to do!!! Good girl!
    Jeanne :)

  6. Watermelon will be a good name for this quilt! It is coming along nicely, and I love the colors you're adding.

    The red and white circles also remind me of a peppermint candy.

    I'm glad you didn't get whacked with a wet noodle (or a threaded needle) but I wish some others had shown up at your reunion!


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