Saturday, June 17, 2006

Saturday sewing going on

I am so behind on this quilt,
and the class "reunion" is on upcoming Tuesday.
I need all in all 12 of the big pink, white and green blocks and 20 of the green and white pinwheels.
I have 3,5 finished of the big blocks and 2,5 half done,
plus 13 of the small blocks and 7 half done.
I will report in before bedtime with a new count :-)

The bags from yesterday was finished last summer, not just now,
but thanks for the confidence and all the nice words :-)
Several have asked what pattern I used.
I thought the pattern was discontinued,
but I Googled it and found it on the internet - yesterday only on eBay - today also in an internet shop.
The pattern name is Quilted Carryall - by Rocky Mountain Patchwork.
In my not so humble opinion it is not the best pattern,
but with some previous pattern reading practice and half a spoonful of imagination it was doable ;-)
I think you can make a good, good looking tote from a lot of patterns.
Adjust the size to fit you, use stiff batting like the one I use now, which goes under the name Habalon here - it is like thick felted polyester - and have a ball with what block you will use on the outside.
You see how different my bags are, depending on colours and pattern.

Now - back to the Starboat blocks - see you later.

Midnight - block update:
2 big blocks sewn and glued - lacking final circle seam
6 half midles of big blocks done + 1 outer cicle done

Our next door neighbour - their garden 10 yards from our bedroom window - had a party last night and was outdoors and very loud until 4 am.
Even if I fell asleep (almost fainted) around 2 am, the sleep quality was poor.
It has reflected on today's work,
but at least I have got the feeling with these blocks back,
so I am having fun.

Tomorrow is another day :-)
New chances, new blocks !

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  1. Ohhhh Hanne, this is a job of great patience:)))) Good!


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