Friday, June 16, 2006

To work, oh bold quilter :-)

I love to make utility quilts and I also love to make bags and other items that are usable, used and loved !
As I say to any recipient of my work - Use it, love it, wear it and wear it out, so I can make you more, from my heart :-)

Taste differs over years.
We paint our houses, outdoors and indoors, we change the curtains, the colour theme, the colour of our furniture, the taste in wood colour, what flowers we prefer.
For a long time one colour chintz was the best we could get here for quilting, along with curtain quality fabrics.
I sew then too, with what were at hand, with joy and pride.
It is not strange we also will change how we decorate our homes or ourselves with what we sew as well.

The other day I picked up DD2 at school, to bring her to brace dentist,
and I had the pleasure of watching her coming from a distance.
My oh so cool soon to be 15 year old teenager (going on 25 ;-) ) came walking, in her new oh so cool outfit, with a bag over her shoulder.
What bag ?
The bag I made her, her colour choice, her fabric pick in my fabric collection.
No fabric "to good" for the project - here are several batiks.
It is the best mark of success, when what we make are used and loved !
I made smaller blocks for this bag than the 2 others, to fit the size of the owner.

My DD1, 18 years old, is more of the dark kind.
Dark clothes, pierced belly button.
Here is her choice of bag. Denim from my old soft denim skirts, black and purple. Also this bag got it's share of batiks.
No fabric is to good to be used NOW :-)

The whole bag story started with this one - an Ufo from years back, finished last year too.
Not exactly what I would chose in colours right now, but a good utility bag for classes, weekend trips and more. This bag has softer batting than the other two. I prefer to use stiffer batting, so the bag can stand by itself, like the 2 above.
One can only learn by doing ;-)

One of the main reasons I now have for not making Ufos anymore - if I can avoid it - is that I get bored with old projects. They are not down my alley in some way or the other anymore,
and it takes more backbone to finish them.
I have the backbone of a jellyfish some days ;-)

Since the bags for my DDs I have made others too, A-Z, and enjoyed it, from other patterns, mostly my own.

My favourite quote sewing wise:

"We should be taught not to wait for inspiration to start a thing. Action always generates inspiration. Inspiration seldom generates action."
- Frank Tibolt, Author

To work, oh bold quilter - onward ho !


  1. The bags are just gorgeous! You stay so busy and get so much done! Just love them!


  2. Lovely bags - really gorgeous - oh dear something else added onto my to do list :o)

  3. I love the bags. You are such an inspiration to us. Thank-you.

  4. Those bags are gorgeous!! I have bought the pattern, but haven't started making it yet. To many UFO's still....


  5. Love the bags - and the different colours - and very fashionable just now. Your daughters are very lucky to have such a talented mother!

  6. Anonymous4:23 am


    Can you tell me the name of the pattern of your really nice bags you have shown on your blog? I just loved them. keep up the great work!


  7. You did a great job on them, Hanne! Hope the recepient's enjoy them as well.

  8. lovely bags!! so happy your daughters enjoy them so. You do so much quilting! hard to imagine you feel you don't do enough...I think you do lots!

  9. Great bags Hanne, and how special that your girls like them - sometimes it is impossible to please a 'tween, teen, young 20 year old - sigh - I have a step daughter in her early 20's and she can be a challenge - so good job!



  10. Love those bags - lucky daughters! Keep plugging away at the blocks and you'll get there :)

  11. I've never made any bags but yours look so good I might have to try some.


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