Sunday, July 02, 2006

Crazy Round Robin send off time again.

This was a very hard round to do. The work before me is very nice, but it did not cover much of the block, and it was half way through the participants when it came to me. Only two more participants after me, and a lot of uncovered block............

I started with the green swirl, as you know, but saw that I had to cover more to feel comfortable with sending it off to the next participant - not only 1 square filled.
This really took some thinking !
This block really needed a spider for luck and I did a spider web by machine, free motion, like I did the spider web on my starting block before sending it off.
Spiders are unruly as you know, so this spider web is in dark purple - shade of blue, eh ? ;-)
I found a nice blood stone pearl - perfect for a spider.
It seems like we all avoid the middle of the block, and the unruly spider could go there.
The green swirl got mother of pearl pearls and reminds me of lilly of the valley.
A turquoise decorative stitch with blue pearls was next.
Then at last, a button hole stitch row and some running stitches in a mix of turquoise and shaded blue and filling up with the hand dyed green silk thread running stitches under the spider web was a nice ending of my round on this round robin.

I am happy with the result and am sending it on with pride !


  1. wow, what wonderful work, Hanne! I dont suppose you want to do my section this month---4 inch finished using squares or rectangles? Just kidding!

  2. This work is absolutely Amazing Hanne! I love to look at those tiny stitches and yours are perfect! I love the spider, but I thuink my favortie is the green swirls with the pearls!

    What thread did you use for that? Perle cotton?

  3. Oops, i read down and realized you used hand dyed silk thread. Wonderful!

  4. Beautifl work! You are starting to interest me in doing some of this type of handwork!

  5. You have every reason to be proud of your work. It's excellent!


  6. simply gorgeous work Hanne!

  7. Looks great Hanne! Love the spider and the web:)
    hugs from me!

  8. Your work looks absolutely lovely Hanne! It so wonderful to hear how seriously you take doing your part. I looked at the block and thought "how lovely" it looks, then I saw the second photo and realized that was your offering or part of it. So then I had to go back and look at the whole block again. It sure was empty when you got it..oh my!
    Love your creative touches..*VBS*

  9. That green swirl with the pearls does look like lily of the valley. Beautiful workmanship!

  10. Beautiful work Hanne! I hope to do more embroidery in the future...someday!

  11. Your work is just stunning!


  12. It's a beautiful block, an heirloom for sure. I like the spider...I love hearing the pride you place in yur work.



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