Saturday, July 01, 2006

Half way through the year

Today is the first day in the second half of 2006!
Like January 1st., only lighter, brighter and warmer :-)

These last days I have done some re-organizing of my fabric collection,
and my new CW repro purchases have got a place, without it being to full in the rest of my fabric boxes.
The conclusion is I have used more fabrics than I have bought these past 6 months !

I am not one for resolutions on New Year and not for today,
but I know I want to keep on using more fabrics than I buy for the rest of the year.

As you see I have started another 2 colour quilt :-)
It is for DD1 and it needs to be done as soon as possible.
I have made some 4 patches, from strip sets, and I have cut all the 4,5" light squares.
I need 54 blocks all in all. The quilt will be 6 by 9 squares, 8" blocks, and it will be a lap quilt.
When this is done the dent in the purple fabric collection will show.
DD1 is very happy about the colour choice and the pattern.

Did I meet my June goals ?
No, far from it, as life happened only to much,
but I will keep on keeping on and before I know it, all the daily threads will add up to finishes.
I think I will prolong June one week - in my head :-)


  1. You hardly got that purple fabric put away but obviously your attitude about 2 color quilts DID change!

    We make the goals so I guess we can also cut ourselves some slack too.

  2. Great idea to extend June by a week, Hanne, I'm going to do that too :-).

  3. I didn't meet my June goals either. It was a very busy month. Hopefully I'll get more done in July.


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