Wednesday, July 26, 2006


I was gifted with this book some years back.
I liked it very much, but after some thumbing it landed in the book shelf with my other books.
The blocks was not in my comfort zone, neither was the fabrics, even if I liked the quilts.

Today I have been in Sort, Organize and Fling mood,
and have flung a lot of old papers, some old cross stitch magazines and patterns,
as well as having gone through some books and papers on my desk and put them where they belong.

This book caught my eyes again putting other books back, and I have been enjoying it for a while, using Block Base on the side, to compare and search.
In fact I found all the blocks there as well, more or less looking the same.
Now the blocks, the fabrics and the colours are in my comfort zone - very much so - must be quilting progress of some kind :-)

I Will Not start another quilt before I have finished at least 3 other projects - I will not, I will not, I will not.......
Time will show if I have a backbone at all ;-)


  1. Good luck to you! I know I have no backbone and since I got my Kaffee Fasset fabrics in today and am going to the quilt shop this afternoon to look for the pattern I want I'm pretty sure there will be a new project in my immediate future.

  2. 3! wow you're just going for calcified rod for a backbone huh? :-)

  3. You can say that now, Hanne and mean it but if you get stalled out, PLEASE start something new even if it is just a block or two.

    Interesting how we grow as quilters and how our tastes become more refined over time.

  4. I don't think cutting out a quilt as a kit -for later - really counts as starting a new project, does it? Ohhh, I know, I am so bad - but I often cut out quilt kits for later!

    I notice that my tastes and interests change too. Right now I am considering some smaller wall hangings - something I have never considered before! So, I am happy that I never ripped patterns from magazines, but rather kept the entire magazine. Phew!



  5. Wow ... you used capital letters ... you're serious about this! I love the look of the book, I'd find it hard to resist!
    I know you have the strength, if it's what you want to do, go for it!

  6. I've spent the last 3 months being busy, busy, busy witt wedding plans and didn't have a lot of quilting time. I've decided to treat myself to a new project this weekend. Then I will be able to finish the other projects I have ready to be finished.

  7. You have more discipline than me if you can stick to not starting another quilt before you finish at least 3 other projects. Good luck on that one!

  8. I have found the same things to be true about me too... Our tastes change, I guess.

  9. When I look at magazines sometimes I will bookmark the quilts that interest me. But whenever I go back to an old magazine, I wonder why the bookmark is where it is. It is usually something else in the magazine that has caught my eye the second time around.
    It might have to do with tastes, or maybe my skill level has grown enough to want something harder, or I've made enough of that type of block.

    Congratulations on finishing up that Sunshine quilt. The quilting and the orange border really help finish it off beautifully. At the rate you finished that one, you should be able to get those three projects done in no time!

  10. Good luck with your "not-starting-new-projects"-project:-) I'm doing the same thing. Hass worked for over a month now.


  11. Hi Hanne, thanks for the really nice comments over at my place. I must confess this whole dentist thing has me down in the dumps, abit.

    But how fun to re-discover this book. I have been having a similar experience as I did through my books looking for quilts made in the Civil War period and before. Gives me a better idea of what colors I might want to use. I'm not planning on going out and buying a whole collection of fabrics specially designated for that quilt if I can help it..LOL. I'm sure my quilt will be brighter that the originals, but that's ok. The sentiment will be there. There are family connections to those who went to War from Wisconsin, and returned, I'm happy to say.
    So all my older books are serving me well right now..and yes, definitely progress my dear, you're doing just fine!!!! Hugs, FInn


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