Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Done !

The Sunshine quilt is done and is ready to be sent as soon as I have another one to fill the box.
I am frugal on postage you see, and these boxes are paid by the size.
This quilt took the most of my yellow strip scraps and that was good.
I have used the strips as they were, no cutting to size.
I know for a fact that next time I do this pattern I will do them as 1/4 blocks.
Full blocks, 15", stretched when being cut to size. 7,5" squares are easier to handle.

I used to teach a children's folding toy and had a lot of these very bright prints. They do look good in children's quilts though - adds a spark - but they are busy and I am bored with them now.
The folding toy had 6 different fabrics in them, with different colours, so my bright children's bug print collection used to be good.
The folding toy is history and so is the super bright fabric collection also, just about.

I am very happy for Bloglines right now, as I am able to see who are updating their blogs. I have all the StashQuilts blogring + more added to my list.

I have another care quilt in the making, with yellow and red, using the Tri Rec tool.
It is not as bright as the Sunshine quilt.


  1. Hanne,

    It is a wonderful quilt. Sure to bring joy to the recipient.

    Family dramas have interfered with my time to keep up with my blog but I hope to back to it soon.

    Thanks for all the encouragement you provide.

  2. This quilt turned out so well. You must be so proud. I'm still working on the embroidery on my project. It's like every time I take a stitch, I think, I will never be as good as Hanne at this. But I keep trying.

    Be sweet,

  3. It looks even better quilted! perfect binding!

  4. Every time you show this quilt I like it more. I just may have to make similar for myself.

  5. Anonymous8:58 pm

    Et nydelig teppe som vanlig, Hanne.

    Sommerhilsen fra Sunnmøre

    Wenche H

  6. It looks great. I also like to save on postage. I just finished one quilt for my mom and am not going to ship it back to her until I finish another one I have to quilt for her.

  7. might as well save postage and buy more fabric! :-)

  8. Hanne, it looks terrific! I didn't dream that your blocks were so big---15 inch would be harder to manipulate for trimming and treating it as 4 blocks, 7.5 seems much more manageable.

    No quilting or sewing for me today--embroidery a bit.

  9. This quilt is just wonderful. Someone out there is going to be so lucky.

  10. Anonymous9:33 am

    It's a beautiful job, I like it! What a pity that the photo doesn't show the close up!

  11. Well done! What a gougeous quilt!

    I will tell you that I made quarter pieces like this once, but with the four corners of the triangle as in a SQ in a SQ block... and even using a freezer paper backing they still stretched all to heck. Good luck with the quarters. I'll be interested to see if it helps the stretching.

    Just wonderful!!

  12. That is so great, I can't believe you are giving it away!! :)


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