Sunday, July 09, 2006

June prolonged

Time to end June, prolonged by one week :-)

These were my goals:

* 1.priority. Starboat quilt top done before 20. June - preferably also ready to start hand quilting
* Will keep on having fun with NI blocks :-)
* 4 Dear Jane blocks in summer colours for June
* Work on applique block # 2 from Quilt University class
* DD2's quilt top done
* Crazy quilt RR - next round done before 12. June

How did they turn out:

*The Starboat, now Watermelon quilt top is not done, but it is getting there :-)
*I had fun with NI blocks and will keep on having more fun with them.
*The DJ blocks for June are not done, but will be soon.
*The applique block from QU is going down in the box for another month in the autumn. It is not fun just now, and girls just want to have fun :-)
*DD2's quilt is completely done and on her bed !!
*Crazy quilt RR block is done and sent before 12. June

As Linda J. said - I am setting the goals, I can revise them :-)


  1. My goal list is...2 items long. You are incredibly ambitious. Looks like you have loads of fun.

  2. what a list! I figure getting something, anything done is meting my goal, everything above and beyond "getting to it" is celebration time :-)

  3. Hey I think you did pretty good on your goals.

  4. I like having some flexibility in goals too. They give me something to work toward but I don't have to beat myself up if I don't hit them all.

  5. I love that line you had about fabrics breeding by cell dividing, LOL.

    See! you got a lot done last month. If the one project is not thrilling you right now, then by all means, shelve it. Anxious to see how your 2nd round of purple and white looks all put together.

    Angel quilt and bear is adorable.


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