Sunday, July 09, 2006

So far so good

This is how far I have got.
All the blocks done, and joined in strips of 6 double 4 patch units.
4 strips + one single block strip.
It is still a lot of work to do, like joining the strips to 2 quilt halves and then machine quilt.
I think I need a couple of days working on something else, like the Nearly Insane blocks and some Dear Jane summer blocks.
This quilt will be 48" x 72".


  1. Oh how pretty and fresh looking Hanne! I love the setting and what a nice size as well.

  2. This is soooo cool! I love it. Another quilt on my "gotta do right away" list durn it! Seriously I have a bunch of red and white strips from a swap earlier in the year and a large stash of red and white to cut the bigger squares out of. I think I just might use them in this pattern. It will be a nice easy pattern. Something I need after the flower blocks I'm currently working on.

  3. Oh, I like how this is turning out! Very good, Hanne but take a break from it if you need to.

    I think I did something like this in pink and red---hmmmmmm better go look in my archived photos. Might even be one of those going to the girls ranch but up in my closet.

  4. And it's looking good so far! If I were you I'd need something else to work on for awhile. Something to provide variety, since that quilt is only two fabrics.

  5. Very nice quilt. Your work is always so beautiful. Your daughters are very lucky girls.

  6. That is coming along very nicely. It's beautiful. Your DD is going to love it.

  7. I like this quilt! I was looking for a two colour quilt pattern that would go good with my Canada Day fabric-this would be perfect. I would do it in red and white--the colours of our flag.

  8. I think you've gotten very far in just a couple of days! It looks great!

  9. Hanne,
    This quilt is GORGEOUS!!! Keep it up! You are making super progress!


  10. Wow you work fast Hanne! It looks great.


  11. I've just done a few baby tops from a swap of double four patches but it doesn't alternate the plain and patterned background...this is a great way to do it!

    Glad you have lots of angels around, and that you progressed well in June too!!

  12. How do you put it down?!?!? You're so close to completing it... You have incredible discipline. I would be obsessive to complete it.
    Your daughter will love it, for years to come.

  13. The quilt looks wonderful - a great two-color pattern. Hmmm. Will I add it to my ever growing "want to do someday" list? I think YES.

  14. Anonymous5:33 pm

    The purple quilt looks fantastic! Take a break, and come back and finish it when you are feeling refreshed!

  15. Den 4-patchen blir bare så flott Hanne. Lykke til videre med den.

  16. It really came out lovely Hanne - so nice to see it all spread out like this! You did great!!!



  17. Hi Hanne!

    I haven't written comments for a while, but I've been following your work. This quilt will be a real beauty. Hope your health problems are being dealt with.


  18. Looks great - this is the same pattern I used for my son's wedding quilt that my Mom and I finished piecing yesterday. I won't be posting a picture for now because I don't want my son to see it before the October wedding.

    (I did it in scrappy reds and beiges.)


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