Thursday, July 13, 2006

My fabric collection - and small steps

Let me show you my fabric collection :-)
These shelves holds it all, fabrics, books, magazines, teaching papers.
The blue tote holds my embroidery yarn.
I was looking for a piece of fabric today, and I found it without much stress - that is good !
When I need larger pieces I have to go and buy them now,
but here are a lot of small(er) pieces,
perfect for the quilts I like best - those with scrappy look :-)
I am also very fond of my quilting books, and I have many as you see.

Life has been very busy lately, and I have not had as much time and energy for sewing after last weekend.
I have made a couple of Nearly Insane blocks, and here are all I have made so far.
I like to make scrappy two colour quilts :-)


  1. All I can say is WOW! I wish my fabric was that neat. Oh well, it could be if I took the time. Looks good, looks like you have been busy.

  2. Very nicely organized, large selection of fabric, magazines and books to choose from. I like your color selection on the nearly insane blocks too. That is going to be a really pretty quilt. I haven't seen what the finished product looks like, probably because I am trying to avoid starting any new projects.

  3. Very nice blocks Hanne - you must have a lot of patience to make those

  4. Anonymous10:29 pm

    Wow - look at that organization!!! It's wonderful to be able to FIND something. Love your pink & white blocks and your purple & white quilt down below, too. Great colors!

  5. Wow those blocks look great Hanne!

  6. those blocks look great. I love how the assortment of them look together.

  7. Your little Nearly Insane blocks are beautiful! I love the red and white color scheme. Your stash is beautifully organized.

  8. I love the Nearly Insane blocks, a perfect example of the beauty in basically a two color quilt.

  9. All of it fits on two shelves?---wow! I've got books in the sewing room, my file cabinet and in my bedroom and trying very hard not to buy more!

    Love your blocks--these are very small hence the name, Nearly Insane?

    Figured that you were busy this week since you had not posted for a few days. Hope you are feeling okay.

  10. Very nice and neat. I REALLY need to go through my fabric and organize it.
    The blocks are beautiful. I never get that much done when I am busy.

  11. You are very organized! Very impressive!

  12. I love how you've organized your fabric in those little bins - so neat and tidy. Yes, I too, have far too many quilt books. Your red and white blocks are beautiful - I envy your patience.

  13. Your Nearly Insane collection is growing and looking great!

    I think my fabric/magazine/book collection is just about the same size as yours!



  14. Wow Hanne, your stash is impressively organised. The Nearly Insane blocks are just darling. You're doing a wonderful job with them, and the colours are just great!

  15. I really like your blocks great colors. I'm also a fan of scrappy 2 color quilts.

  16. I love red & white quilt blocks, and yours are wonderful! Hey!!! I could have a clean and organized stash like you too, but it wouldn't stay that way...I hate putting things back where they belong!

  17. Anonymous6:15 pm

    Your fabric is so open and organized- lovely! Great blocks, too!

    Happy Friday!

  18. Very organized fabric! And the nearly insane blocks are coming along nicely... how many will there be in all?

  19. Hanne,
    Great job on the red/white quilt blocks!!! That is going to be a great quilt!
    ps...the stash is great as well!

  20. Wow! what a treat thes tiny blocks are!! I have yet to start my Dear Jane blocks and these are far more intricate. They are so beautiful and perfect!

  21. what a nice, organized collection. And one cannot have enough books! I love your Nearly Insane blocks--there is just something about 2 color quilts, isn't there?

  22. Hi Hanne, its such fun to see your books and your fabric stash. It looks wonderful, and I think once a person gets it to that stage, it wouldn't be too hard to keep it straightened.

    You have a really lovely cabinet for it all to live in..I like that alot.
    Your Nearly Insane blocks are sooo pretty. You do such nice neat work! Love the double 4 patch in the posting below..It's gorgeous!

    Thanks for telling you about your "thread" experience..I appreciate that you are a free thinker too!! And for the record, I keep my embroider floss the same individual little ziplock bags. I can see what I need and can tell if it's getting low. Works perfectly for me too! Thanks, Hugs, Finn

  23. so neat and organized...maybe one day I will reach that


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