Friday, July 28, 2006

Quirk ?

I do not like to have blocks laying around forever - not using them for something.
I guess that can be called a quirk ?
If I have put time into it, I like to use it for something - and if not for anything else, to be put in the backing of a quilt.
I have a soft spot for making boxes sometimes.
I have given away several and I have some myself.
I do not care much for tins though - it must be something with that textile feeling ?
My plan for the before mentioned crazy quilt RR block is to make it into a box lid like the one rectangular below.

This box now belongs to the DD of a dear friend of mine.
I got this embroidery for my birthday one year, but I do not like to put primitive embroidery on my wall, unless it is done by one of my DDs.
I have a couple of these boxes for myself as well and they are very nice for all small sewing stuff. Mine are "plain" fabric covered. These are 6,25" x 9,25".

The first box belong to my dear friend's daughter # 2, and the next belongs to the same friend's daughter # 1. It is approx. 6" square, if my memory serves me right. It has a few pearls as embellishment. The photo is taken with my first digital camera, and I see it is a little out of focus. It is nothing wrong with your vision - rather with the photographer ;-)

The third box was especially nice to make. It is also 6" square.
It was made for a dear friend of mine who loves sunflowers.
As some might recognize, the sunflower is from Thimbleberries.
The little box might be used for pins ?


  1. what beautiful boxes. I';ve never tried partioning mine... how have you done that?

  2. Neat boxes. I've never seen them done liek this before. great idea.

    Yes bloglines has enticed even me! It's so much simpler to use and I still open the blogs and get to see that nice pages!

  3. Very nice boxes! Those area great way to use blocks that you don't have an exact find for.

  4. Your boxes are very nice. What a great idea!

  5. I love your boxes. I was just reading a magazine that had directions for covering boxes with fabric, but used just plain fabric, not squares. What great ideas.

  6. Oh those boxes are fun! And I really like the idea of using orphan blocks on the backs of quilts!!
    Jeanne :)

  7. Anonymous2:54 am

    Those boxes are great- and what a great way to use up blocks!!

  8. Cute and a good way to use up those blocks and bits of things laying around. Ultimate in recycling.

  9. Those boxes are wonderful Hanne, they'd make wonderful gifts!

  10. I love those boxes. I could certainly make some of them for my new studio. Where can I find directions/patterns?

  11. I got a book from the library for fabric boxes but I really didn't like those boxes. These boxes were definitely not in it. Did you create your own pattern? I really like the partitions. I have some timtex I want to use for a box before I lose it.

  12. Cool boxes! (Do you cover premade boxes?)

  13. I don't think that's a quirk, I think that's the normal thing. Just so many of us who collect fabric also seem to collect piles of blocks!

    Your boxes are wonderful!

  14. Great idea...I hate purchasing any kind of wrapping supplies. I love your cartoon below also.

    Take care---Melanie

  15. Your boxes are great - and very practical.
    I also love your Sunshine quilt!


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