Monday, July 31, 2006

Sliding in sideways

In 30 minutes we have August - the first month of autumn.
School starts in 3 weeks.
The evenings are getting darker already, even if we still have summer days left to enjoy.

This table runner was finished today - an UnFinished Object from this winter.
It is 17" x 50".
I am not really one for autumn colours, but I really Like this one.
I have used 2 different rust and 2 different wine reds for the leaves, even if it does not show in the photo.
I used triangle paper - Triangulation 2.0 - for the HST, and they went together fast and accurate. I also like the option on printing HST paper on my own printer, at need, instead of buying rolls in all different sizes.
I see they are out with a new book - the front cover table runner makes me want to make it.
I do not need a book to do one. I guess I am lucky.

Well - I promised to finish 3 things before starting anything new, didn't I ?
1 down, 2 to go.
I have so many quilts I want to sew, and it is nice to have a head full of ideas instead of a house filled with Ufos, believe me ;-)

I Need to do some scrap busting and some stash busting, and I have taken Vicky's challenge of No Buy in August - see July 27.
We are many and it is always fun to do things as a group.
Strange really - as I have no buying issue really, but knowing I am not allowed make me urge for it..... hmmmmm ..... anyone else feeling the same way ?

The same way with the finish 3 before starting something new - makes my head spin with ideas.... hmmmmm - strange indeed.
I would not feel the same way if I were not allowed to eat cooked carrots for a month ;-)


  1. Darling table runner, Hanne. I like the block. You will enjoy having it in those colors come fall.

  2. love the table runner. I'm sure the other 2 UFO projects will turn out just as good before you start showing a new pproject :-)

  3. fall starts early in Norway? I'm jealous!

    Here in the SE US, we will have at least the month of August to get through for any hope of cooler, less humid weather. At lot of the time I am still wearing shorts till early October.

  4. I didn't sign up for the no buy group, and I don't usually have the urge to shop. However, with all of you talking about not buying, I want to go on a spree! Maybe I should buy to make up for all of you, gotta keep the quilt stores in business you know!

  5. I have that same sinking feeling about losing summer. But I do love the fall. I think it's change I don't like...even good ones. Beautiful table runner, lloks like you put a lot of work into it. Come October, you'll be glad you have it.


  6. I like the autumn colors and the runner and another finish - good for you!

    I haven't tried the triangulations CD - do you like it? I usually use Thangles for my half square triangles.

  7. Beautiful table runner! Can't wait to see the other two projects!


  8. I am so jealous that fall is arriving soon for you! August in the south is the most punioshing month of all for us. Very hot indeed!

  9. Nice table runner, - could be a nice present to put aside for x-mas?

    I don't know about the carrots, - maybe we ought to try that?

    If I was surrended by things that reminded me of carrots like I'm with my stash/ fabrics/ sewing notins... I guess I'd urge for carrots the same way I could've wanted new fabrics...if I hadn't learned to "make do" with what I have :-)

  10. I like your table runner, Hanne. Is it going to be a gift?
    Why does autumn start on 1 August for you? I thought everyone went by the equinoxes. Autumn begins here on either 20 or 21 September.

  11. Like the table runner. Autumn is my fav time of year. Good job on another ufo finish. You'll enjoy starting a new project knowing you're ufo count is going down.

  12. Nice table runner!

    And of course cooked carrots aren't as appealing as buying fabric.... lol

  13. Nice table runner..lovely colors..!

  14. Really love the table runner Hanne..great job on the work and the colors.
    I'm thinking about 3 to 1 idea...might just be something I could do. I love starting new things and a new idea soooo much more than finishing up what I have already started. Bad Finn!!! I think I'm at 18 finished so far in '06. I was shooting for at least one a month, but have been doing better than that.
    Of course I can only claim part credit, as I have donated 4 or 5 tops to Linda J. to finish up for the WTIL kids. I did have to finish the top, but it's a smaller finish. I'm going to re-assess my UFo situation and maybe I can make your plan work for me..Thanks for sharing..Hugs, Finn

  15. Wow, I just stumbled onto your site. You have wonderful ideas - love the boxes, log cabins and more. Also, appreciate your list of goals. Does it work? I may try a list on my blog - hey anything, to get some of those project DONE!

    Elaine Adair


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