Friday, July 21, 2006

Small steps and daily threads again

There have been some busy days and I have been working on the yellow and orange scrap quilt in small steps and daily threads.
I lack 4 blocks.
I began to sash the blocks with black but did not like the appearance, so I will do the quilt without sashing and with a yellow border.
In fact I want to finish the quilt this weekend, so I better get busy :-)
We are getting our share of high temperatures here now, and it slows me down.

The photo today is two pillows I made for a silver wedding gift in May last year.
I like the symbol of the Mariner's Compass.
Our friends has had stormy days and calm days, but they have managed to keep the same direction.
They used to have a boat, but not any longer. I did not know that at the time.
If you can see it, one pillow has a loop and one has a carabin hook, so they can be connected.
As our friends have made it through the first 25 years our advice to them if stormy days will appear is to hook the pillows, pour a glass of wine for each and hold hands until the storm passes :-)


  1. I like the Mariners Compass too but have never gotten the courage to attempt it. As much as I dislike paper-piecing I have a magazine that did a gorgeous MC block of the month that I have 2 of the 4 issues. I've been thinking about ordering the other 2 back issues and just doing it. It would look great hanging in my hall.

  2. What a great sentiment....
    Hope you get your quilt finished, I'll keep my fingers crossed for you.

  3. What a neat gift - I bet they loved them.

  4. Great pillows, and such a sweet sentiment. Good luck on accomplishing your sewing goals.

  5. Hi, i'm new to blogging and just came across your blog. The cushions you made a very nice. The Mariners Compass always looks so completed to me so i have never attempted it.

  6. I love the visual image behind the Mariner's Compass blocks you chose. Wonderful advise to hook the pillows together, pour a glass of wine and weather the storm! I bet you brought tears to their eyes when you presented them with the pillows on their anniversary.

  7. Wonderful pillows! I always wonder about doing a MC quilt and chicken out - but I think I could handle 2 pillows - except I like my dorky blue chennille pillows so much... Keep at it - small steps. Some nights just pinning a seam is big for me, but then the next day - I am that much ahead. Slowly, but surely!



  8. I'm glad you decided not to use the black. Those colors have a great punch all by themselves.
    The pillows and the good wishes behind them are beautiful.

  9. Peachy keen, Jelly Bean!:0) You MC pillows are great! Watch for the mail this week!

  10. I'll be looking forward to seeing the completed top. :)

    And the mariner's compass pillows are great!

  11. You pillow gift is wonderful. Beautiful pillows and great idea for a couple.


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