Tuesday, August 29, 2006

The best laid plans

There are not many days in a year when I don't touch a needle, but this is one of them.
Not for any particular reason - it is just the way this day went.
I have 2 quilts to bind and 4 DJ blocks to make, nada done.
I have thumbed some books and magazines, rested and given my desk/sewing table a Sort & Fling, and when I could have sewn this little lady happened on my sewing table

Paws on keyboard - this is my story and I am sticking to it:

I have my own recipe on how to make my people behave.
I teach by the manual
How To Please And Play Precious Me 101.
I give cat-upuncture and cuddles generously on my own schedule.
All claws and teeth one second and all fur, licks and purr the next.
I have full control over the house quilter, her sewing table and her computer as you see.
Who can stand a cuddly fur ball like myself ?
I am the queen of two households and I take full advantage - purr purr purr


  1. I love your kitty! What a sweet looking cat. The quilts will get done. A day off to recharge the batteries is often helpful.

  2. She is getting so big!! Definitely the little princess kitty insisting on you NOT doing your work, LOL. Seriously, you needed the break--admit it.

  3. She is absolutely adorable! I have a calico cat at home in the States named Flicka. I'm trying to resist the temptation to adopt one here because I don't know how long I will be here. Thanks for sharing yours!

  4. Anonymous12:08 pm

    That is one very cute cat. Thanks for the pictures - I'm sure the quilts will get done when they are ready to be done.

  5. Purr purr from Frida . I do the same at my home. I am the boss!!! When I meow they feed me, cuddle me and brush me. I am the boss over mum's sewingroom. I sleep there everynight. Sometimes on her quilts, but she has started to hide them :( Have to meow a bit more now


  6. AWWWWW What a beautiful dainty kitten. Make me want to run home and cuddle on mine.

  7. she is the cutest kitty i've ever seen and I am not a cat person!!

  8. gotta love it when the cat has personality... and its a good excuse to take a break :-)

  9. This is one cute little lady! I see why you have been distracted from quilting.

  10. With a furry face like hers, it's no wonder she's mistress of two households! She is a precious little thing for sure :)

  11. cute cat and cute story! You are so productive that one day won't set you back one bit. Love that tri-recs quilt!

  12. What great pictures of the bundle of joy at your home.........

    Two quilts ready to bind? You are amazing.

  13. That is such an adorable kitten. Sounds like a real diva!

  14. When I first glanced at the top quilt, it almost looked like pizza slices! What fun!
    Your little kitty is precious. She not only entertains you, she will also keep your blood pressure down just by sitting in your lap and purring. Amazing animals.

  15. A day with no sewing? Is that like a day with no sunshine? Hope you got some sewing in today.

    Judy L.

  16. Hanne, You are about the bussiest peson I can think of. You accomplish so much and it is just beautiful. You deserve a little time off on and then.

  17. Your kitty is so adoreable :)

  18. She's getting spoiled in 2 houses too!! She is so cute and cuddly!

    I love that red and yellow quilt you just made!! Very nice!

  19. What a cutie! Thanks for sharing.

  20. Anonymous4:43 pm

    Mercy!!! I LOVE that deep red and yellow string triangle block! It will carry me through the day, just enjoying the geometry! (Love that when it happens.( I SO enjoy your site. Thanks for the photos. Well, I also love cats, but don't have one now.

    Elaine Adair


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