Thursday, August 31, 2006

September Name and Claim

I have had a couple of Rest & Recovery days, with very little sewing and I have organized my projects and my sewing table.

I am ready to do my Name & Claim list for September.

Finish the 2 care quilts from this month – lacking bindings only – will be done by machine.
Finish the top on the Watermelon quilt – see blog June 19. + 20. – my September Challenge !
Continue working on Tonya’s letter project – see blog August.
Finish the last round on Crazy Quilt RR before 17. September
Continue working on my DJ blocks
Continue working on my NI quilt
Do some thread on the adopted cross stitch project from DD1

I know – this is more than 5 projects, but some of these can be finished in a day or two, and I have a full month :-)
In fact, looking at it, this is my full list of project right now !!
Not bad for one who had less than 100 more than 50 projects only few years back :-)

I have some very tempting projects in my head - I need to finish something before starting anything new !

Do you have a Name & Claim list ?


  1. I do have a list for September, but you gave me the currage to go public with it, - jsut have to write it down first!
    Hope these days has given you the rest you've needed: body, soul and spirit :-)

  2. what a good name for a goals list...

  3. I sorta do---missing goals on my overly ambitious list--probably my post today.

    Who doesn't need some R & R even from something we love now and again?

  4. I have so many things that I'd like to do all jumbling around in my mind. Perhaps I should make a list like this, post it in the sewing room and then tic the things off as I progress. I'd make more progress this way instead of jumping form one thought to another. A good way to keep focused.

  5. You know making a list and making it public appears to be an excellent way to ensure that I accomplish something. Something to think about. :-)

  6. Your suggestion of having a "Name and Claim" list has been a big boost to my completed project total. I have it posted on my side bar as a 10 hour rotation. I also have six or seven and they are different mediums. It is wonderful how productive you can be when you focus. I use the analogy of firing a canon ball at a target or scatter shot. The "Name and Claim" list is the cannon ball and really gets things done. Scatter shot is going off in all directions with no finishes in sight.

  7. OK Hanne - what is Name and Claim? Hopefully as I catch up on all my blog reading I'll find the answer . . .

  8. I have a Name and Claim list that I just started for September. You can see it on my blog.

  9. do you try to limit your goals to 5 a month? Sounds like a good way to keep the goals reasonable - one project a week.

  10. good job Hanne of re-grouping your goals each month. It's a good way to stay focused, obviously as look how you have whittled down your UFO list! I'm impressed because I'm kind of in the same boat as you were a few years ago. I would really love to get mine down to get rid of the guilt of starting new things (which I have to for classes). I might just adopt the Name and Claim game too!


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