Friday, August 18, 2006

Judy's challenge day 4 & 5 combined

Yesterday life took the front seat, so today I have combined day 4 and day 5 of the challenge.
All but 2 blocks are done. I am out of the white on white I have used for the joining "cross" on the other blocks, so tomorrow I will find one in my collection to substitute.
As you see my turquoise fabrics are very much of the same, even if the prints are different, so I have decided to do that part of the blocks in whole logs.
I am making do with what I have, and it is fun. When I run out of one print I move on the next.
This photo is not much different from the previous.
It is more a matter of me knowing the other blocks are done and under the ones you can see.


  1. Good making do with you have on hand then!

  2. I like the turquoise better every time I see it-and you have so many!!

  3. So pretty, can't wait to see more. What fun to use one piece of fabric and then just begin using something different.

  4. Your project is looking good and I love the idea of using the fabric you have in long strips instead of cutting it into sqs. I like to change things as I go to fit what I have as well.

  5. I like the colors of your prints. They're bright but not too over powering. Nice combo blue and turquoise.

  6. I finally realized that this was a challenge with a quiltpattern, not just a "one hour a day" challenge... But that doesn't matter, - it's fun to sew on my quilt while you're all making Judy's quilt :-)
    I love the colors you've chosen.
    Have fun!

  7. The colors for this one look also beautifull. It is nice to see all the sifferent colors for the quilts.

  8. Hi Hanne, sorry to have been the blocks. And I really like your idea of not pieceing the part that surrounds them...*VBS* I'm going to keep that in mind for mine, if I ever get going on them.

  9. Look forward to se the rest of this quilt. and to see what you are gouing to do with the leftovers from this one....

  10. love your approach to this challenge/ are doing great!


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