Friday, August 18, 2006

A kind of finish

I am giving myself permission to call this project finished, even if all I have are these two blocks.
I have attended a class at Quilt University that did not catch my interest like I had thought it would.
So, instead of struggling myself through a quilt or maybe just a couple more blocks to make an Ufo, I am filing these with the class papers.
If I ever am going to make a quilt with these blocks I will at least alter the sizes of the flying geese to not include 1/8" in the finished size. It is not fun to work with 1/8", eyeballing 1/16" to make a block that finish 12".
In my eyes that is just that much more fun in a 4,5" Dear Jane block.


  1. These are pretty but why go any further if they are not capturing your interest. The math sounds like a killer.

  2. I love the color choices in your QU blocks. I've taken quite a few classes with QU, most of them have been techinque classes. Some of them are hard to stay motivated the whole time, especially if the class chat area is not bust. Which class are these blocks for?

  3. I ended up finishing a whole sampler of blocks for one QU course; after assembling realized I didn't care, and gave the whole top away! Much better plan to just quit with these 2 blocks if you've learned what you set out to learn :-)

  4. I like the block with the geese, but maybe I'll try it a little larger!


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