Friday, August 25, 2006

One more down and one to go !

This is Nina's Crazy Quilt Round Robin.
It will be traveling to the last participant on Monday.
It looks good, but it was hard to decide what to add.
The empty space was big, and it was also a point to not overwhelm the blue heart with to bold design, and also balance the previous work.
The hollyhock design has been spinning around in my head for some time and I think it came out very well, in my not so humble opinion ;-)
The leaves are appliqued by free motion on the sewing machine. The stem and flowers are done by hand and 3 strands of embroidery floss.
This is my contribution:
The next round is already here, as is my block, finished.It looks lovely.I plan to finish the next round and blog it before I blog my own block.
One thing that has added to this RR in a very positive way:Everybody is keeping the time schedule, all the time - in fact we often are sending before deadlines.Very good for 7 people with busy lives !


  1. Hanne, I absolutely love the Crazy quilt RR. How lucky to have 7 talented people working on it. your holly hocks are beautiful..

  2. I have never seen a crazy block with a heart in the middle - I like that! Your addition is very nice too.

  3. the holy hock is lovely. and what a treat to be in a rr with people who are committed to the rr and the timelines...

  4. That's turning out so great!

    And you do wonderful work too. :)

  5. Isn't this turning out well!? The stitching looks terrific.

  6. How fun that you aleady have your completed block back. I am glad that everything worked out so nicely for your group. You have done a great job on the blocks you have shown us.



  7. this Crazy quilt is very nice. Your embellishment on it is very pretty. Look forward to seeing your Crazy quilt.

  8. I love the hollyhock! It looks great on this block, too. Perfectly set.

  9. Very cute, Hanne. Nice to hear that everyone is keeping up.

  10. such delicate and lovely work- and I love the blue heart.

  11. The embroidery and other touches on the crazy quilt rr you have shown us are awe inspiring. Makes me want to start one for myself......

  12. You do such beautiful work in such perfect detail! The stitches are so dainty and perfect!

    Very nice job on the yellow and red quilt too! Looks great!

  13. Your choices for the RR is are lovely. It's nice to see one so close to completion. I'm waiting to see how yours turned out...*VBS* And all 7 of you gals deserve a round of applause..!

  14. You do the most beautiful needlework. Gorgeous job on the block!

  15. It is such beautiful and delicate work. It almost makes me want to bring out my cq work.
    Also wonderful how the group in the RR were able to work together, come up with such beautiful work, and still meet the deadlines. I'll join in on the big round of applause.


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