Wednesday, August 02, 2006

One stitch at a time

This is the Ufo I am working on now - a pillow for my DSisIL's birthday.
It is belated, but she does not know, as we have not yet been invited for cakes and coffee ;-)
The applique pieces are now on and I have used free motion applique with the darning foot.
I am working on the details by embroidery needle now.
This pillow is bright, brighter than the photo shows,
and I think it will look best on a veranda or in their summer house, hence the quick applique.
It is a use it an use it up pillow, more like a bouquet of flowers in fabric :-)
I think it is nice to put a lot of work into some things and less into others - and I am in this for the fun, right ? :-)

My DBIL, DH's brother just had his 50th birthday, and this quilt that I finished in March will be his gift. An idea for use of 9-patches ? This is 9-patches and rail blocks only.
The family was away in Europe on his big day.

Come to think of it they will most likely have a "one party covers all" soon, as my niece and nephew soon have their birthdays too.
Which reminds me that my niece has asked for something specific from my creative corner as well.
I better get to work, and I better start writing my daily threads in my sidebar, like I did before - it was very inspiring !


  1. Tom's quilt looks very masculine in the colors and the simplicity of design. Gotta love those nine patches!

    Lots to do at your house in the quilty department and the daily threads will help you stay on track as it did before, I'm sure.

  2. I love the quilt you made for your brother in law! What size are your squares?


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