Thursday, August 03, 2006

A personal challenge

I am adding an extra personal challenge for August for myself.

In fact the No Buy will not be so hard for me,
so I want to add a daily hour of Do It Now - a daily hour work on a stalling project.
First out is the birthday gift for my niece, starting tomorrow !
I know I was not to start anything new before I had finished 3 projects,
but this is a Got To Do, before it will be a Should Have Done.

Will I get some company ?


  1. ohhhh I like. I don't know about an hour a day, but what I'll committ to is to do some sewing on a stalling project before sewing on a non-stalling project each day. It'll mean that the stalled project is getting some momentum and I'm not avoiding sewing as: I must work on the stalled project not the one I want... :-)

  2. I'd join you but I've made my own personal challenge to put away all UFOs and see how many projects I can make just from stash this month. But I've already thought about doing something similar in either Sept. or Oct. One month will be scrap quilts and the other will be UFOs. I'd like to have a whole lot less stash, scraps, and UFOs before the new year rolls around.

  3. I like the Do it Now idea, I think I will put up a sign on my desk or the design wall. I probably can't do an hour, but I can do something!

  4. yes, you do--that might be the only way the Santa redwork will get finished--got to start somewhere so tomorrow I'll cut the border pieces. If not that some applique that is about done.

  5. Do It Now sounds great. I'm a terrible procrastinator on UFOs simply because I've gotten to a part I don't like. An hour or so on most of them would do the trick! Thanks!


  6. You know I'm with you on this since I've allready given me the "daily hour" challenge on my Pink Ribbon quilt...
    so, yes, I'll keep you company.
    Will be away for the weekend and no time for this quilt on the road, but next week I'm onto it again :-)

  7. Good luck with your challenges. I'll be staying tuned for progress reports :)

  8. Anonymous5:16 pm

    I will keep you company, Hanne. The coming week I will have both my sisters to stay in the sewing room, so I will not be able to join you yet. But from the 15. I will get going on quilting the Jungle quilt and one hour a day sounds fine. Maybe my sisters will help me make a sandwich of it?

  9. So many challenges going on this month. I've decided to not buy any quilting books - a tough on for me. I'm keeping my focus on UFO's so maybe I'll not allow myself to start a new project - there's one calling my name.

  10. Hanne, I didn't even see your Do it Now for an hour challenge before I posted mine. Hope I wasn't infringing on your idea.

    Judy L.

  11. I certainly will keep you company in working minimum an hour a day on a stalling project. In fact, while not having internet this weekend, I thought on the same thing. I ordered myself to quilt minimum one hour (in front of the tv)on my quilts. I got a lot of basted quilts ready to be handquiltet.


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