Sunday, September 24, 2006

Butterfly sewing

Butterfly sewing -
and not a butterfly in sight ;-)
I am jumping from project to project not getting very much done on any of them.

Life is busy, but I hope it will calm down soon.

I am teaching Dear Jane, and I am having a very good time doing so.
This Thursday I was teaching the block that many people think is amongst the hardest, G-6 Papa's Star, and I made a photo tutorial. To do it I had to sew a new block myself, taking photos as I worked along.

Lille Rusk behaved herself and slept on my cutting mat through the whole process, but when I was just done she did this, telling me I could stop now !
She sat for quite a while - enough time for me to get my camera and catch the hilarious moment :-)

Lille Rusk ( Small Crumb - nickname) belongs to DD1 and has her cat hotel here when DD1 is occupied elsewhere.
We enjoy her company very much when she is here. She is the true queen of two households :-)

I am doing a stitch of applique too. This time starch and press. I will try needle turn for another block.

I hope the upcoming week will be less busy than this were, so I get more time to sew. I Need some quality sewing time !


  1. Your G-6 Papa's star is quite tricky to make. I have made several blocks for DJ, started to put them together, but they are one of my ufo's. Perhaps I make a smaller quilt sometime.
    Nice to see you are stitching on the heartblock.

  2. I can't believe you made yet another Papa's Star. Good job!
    Yeah I am saving papa star for last. I will make a couple of tries and if I can't do it, I will substitute another block. And I will definitely not be using yellow - I need a very contrasting color to show all my hard work.

  3. I started the sampler on the DJ CD just about a year ago. I got as far as Papa's Star and there it sits in its basket on the worktable taunting me....... Maybe afer the first of the year I will be brave and tackle it.

    So you call it butterfly sewing. I will have to remember that.

  4. What a cute cat photo! Love that Papa's Star, too.

  5. Anonymous4:22 pm

    Such a big helper kitty!

  6. Great picture! I am glad you were able to snap that before she moved. My dogs have done so many cute things that I can't get a picture of because the second I get up to get my camera... gone!

  7. Very funny cat picture!

    I think you need to make her a quilt so she can curl up on something other than your hard cold sewing machine... lol


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