Wednesday, September 06, 2006

One stitch at a time

Life has taken the front seat these past days and it has not been much sewing, blogging or blog reading.
Now I think I am on track again.
I feel better and the root canal is performed today.
I can only say I am glad I am on Low Buy, as in Norway we do not have dental insurance. Root canal and crown is US$ 1400.
I am doing a happy dance for being done with the root canal, but not for the cost.

One good thing came from the root canal though :-)
I have made a deal with a local hobby shop that I can ask for old and outdated fabric for backings for my care quilts. The cost will be reasonable and probably a good deal for both.
Without the root canal I never would have gone in there asking.
They are next to the dentist's.
Fabrics are also very expensive in Norway - 25-30 US dollars a meter (1 yard = 0,9 meter)
I got a nice fabric for backing for 8 US dollars a meter.
I do not shop much fabrics and when I do I often buy online these days. It depends - sometimes I am in a hurry and sometimes it is very nice to touch the fabrics before buying too.
We also have costum limitations for importing fabrics that are real low before we have to pay fees and VAT. We have 25 (or is it 24) % VAT on fabrics. The limit is approx 28 US dollars.
Plague or cholera choice sometimes.

I have been comforting and enjoying myself with some DJ blocks these past days.

I am swapping blocks with a friend, one set to send and one to keep.
I must admit I am behind, as the plan was to send 2 every month.
These are the June blocks, sent last week,
and the 2 below is the July blocks sent yesterday.
I made these as a double set too, but by the time I could take a photo, the 2 were in the mail.
The blocks are not trimmed to the exact size, if you wonder why they are a bit uneven at the edge or come in different size. It is good to do the final trimming oneself. We all have our own way.
We do not have strict deadlines, so delays are ok - a no stress deal :-)
Quilting is for fun, right ? ;-)

My good friend Val in Canada dyes and sells these wonderful marbled fabric - like the purple, the orange and the pink. She does orders too. See some of her fabrics here.
She can be reached by mail if you have questions.

I am currently working on a gift, but I can not show you yet, as the recipient is reading my blog. One of these days though........... :-)


  1. Your Dear Jane blocks are beautiful. Fabrics in Finland are nearly as expensive as in Norway, I know having done a little shopping in Oslo a few years ago. Luckily here I can order 45 euros worth before needing to pay customs. Wishing you a speedy recovery from the root canal.

  2. Anonymous7:48 pm

    Big hug from me.....

    Val's fabrics are the best, I must have more very soon........

    Your DJ-blocks are lovely......

  3. Great blocks.........Aren't they fun. I remember well the first one I made (still have it).

  4. I"m glad you're feeling better following the root canal... and setting up purchasing fabric is wonderful!

  5. Ugh . . a root canal sounds horrible - painful and hard on the pocket book. Glad you are feeling better and sounds like you made a good deal for yourself with the hobby shop.

    Your little blocks are so cute!

    Judy L.

  6. I hate going to the dentist. I have to take an anti-anxiety drug just to enter the office!

    I like your DJ blocks. The colors are scrumptious.

  7. And I thought my dentist is high! YIKES. I say I have a million dollar mouth with all the crowns I have had to have done over the years.

    Good job on the blocks, Hanne--wondered what you had been up to!

  8. Hi Hanne
    So glad your root canal is done! And the bonus is the fabric from the store-good deal. I pay eight dollars a yard in NY so that is a good price for you and me too. when I was in college and woked in a fabric store, I could get fabric for so much less-but the fabric was not as wonderful as it is now. The industry has grown with us.
    I did a little shopping today and I have two buyers for some felted bags so I bought wool this weekend as well!
    Big hugs(()))

  9. Anonymous6:11 am

    Glad you're feeling better. Nothing worse then a sore teeth.
    I love your deer jane blocks the top block with the 9 patch and the bottom orange one. I would have to make more of the orange one and use them in a seperate quilt or project.


  10. I am glad you are feeling better. I hate dentists!!!! Looking forward to visit you this evening and look through your sewingroom.

  11. Root canal - ugh! I hate the dentist too and try to put it off as long as possible. Amazed I have still got teeth LOL.

    Love the marbled fabrics and the DJ blocks.


  12. Root canal - ouch!! Have had a couple of those and they aren't my favourite pastime.

    Your DJ-blocks are very sweet. I wish I would pick up DJ and work on it soon.


  13. Anonymous1:55 pm

    The offer still stands... (I am planning another fabric purge real soon - I am going to limit my quilty stuff to the "Quilt Stewdio", so I need to downsize a bit...)

  14. It is horrible how expensive fabric are in Norway. I have not bought any fabric from abroad yet but I soon think I have to.

  15. Everything seemed expensive in Norway to me! Glad the root canal is done, but sorry about the expense.
    I can't believe you are making two DJ blocks! I have a hard enough time getting myself to make one! I haven't made any in a long time.

  16. Glad you made it through the root canal fine - that's really too bad about the cost. Better than not having it done at all, however. I'm not surprised quilting fabrics are expensive - I've heard they are all over both Europe and Australia. It's just to bad that you have to pay duty on such a small amount coming in if you order from the states - if I'm understanding it right. I know lots of the Australian gals order online because even with shipping it's cheaper than buying it there.

  17. Fabric in Austria is also very expensive and not much selection. That being said though - I find that the quilters in Austria pick very small and complex blocks (like your DJ project) or tiny grandmother flower gardens, etc. to use every little bit and to also draw out the experience. You would not see someone in Austria making a Turning 20 quilt just to use of the stash! A stash is a very precious thing where fabric is so expensive and hard to come by.

    Hope the root canal makes your mouth feel better very soon!



  18. Anonymous11:56 pm

    hi hanne, glad you are over the root canal. tooth pain is dreadful. a deal for fabric. fantastic. your jane blocks are gorgeous! i just love val's fabrics. i am glad you are making these with a friend. take care,
    big hugs,
    patti in florida

  19. Anonymous5:45 am

    hope the root canal goes well, and, what a wonderful deal to arrange for your backing fabrics!

  20. Your Dear Jane blocks are lovely. I also find that it's cheaper to purchase fabric online from the US.
    Last week i ordered some which i haven't recieved yet and it cost me AUS $5 per metre compared to AUS $24-26 at the LQS.


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