Saturday, September 02, 2006

Last Crazy Quilt Round Robin round

Here is the last round on the Crazy Quilt Round Robin, ready for the post office.
This was very Christmas-y and called for a lot of gold and red.
Nearly half the wreath was left for me to embellish,
and here is my contribution:

Red buttons with gold pearls, golden lazy daisy flowers with red pearls, red hearts, glimmering snowflakes, small stars and golden circles and a lot of small pearls, both red and golden.

With Crazy Quilting you can not embellish to much. Over the top is good :-)

It was a bit complicated to take a good photo of this piece, as it is so shiny and the flash mirrors in all the gold.
It is now going back to the owner.
May it bring smiles to her face when she decorates for Christmas this year :-)


  1. A very timely quilt to get back with the holidays right around the corner. And everyone did such a great job!!! Your detail work is exquisite!



  2. Such wonderful embroidery. That is something she will treasure each holiday season. Aren't you glad to have it in the mail?

  3. Your work is amazing!

  4. I love this do beautiful work!


  5. That is a spectacular quilt! I love your additions. I am sure this piece will bring smiles when she decorates this year for Christmas as she remembers the many friends who worked on her piece.

  6. You do such incredible work Hanne. Crazy quilting is so much fun to look and examine - every time you look you see something different. You are so very talented.

  7. what a wonderful RR to get back before Christmas. It will cheer the owner greatly I'm sure ;-)

  8. That turned out so cute! I haven't put a tree up for the last 4 years (kitten one year, teenage cat the next... then kitten and teen angst for my OTHER cat...) but I love to decorate with things they can't reach!

    Was the wreath made with log cabin type squares?

  9. So pretty! I've enjoyed seeing all the crazy quilting being shown lately. You are incredibly talented!

  10. Very nice. I don't think she will have any complaints.

  11. How cute! I'm sure it will bring lots of smiles to her face, as well as compliments from all who see it.

    Judy L.

  12. Im sure she will love the Christmas quilt when she gets it back. It's lovely and you have done some beautiful embellishments on it.

  13. Hanne, you do fabulous work! The wreath is beautiful!

  14. What a marvelous gift for you to do, Hanne!

  15. How incredibly beautiful! I would certainly be a proud owner of that quilt. You do great work.

  16. Anonymous2:01 pm

    The quilt looks great, and I really like your contribution.

  17. Wow..Hanne, your contribution to that wreath is just awesome!!

    It's a great round robin, and I am certain she will absolutely love it! I do, and I'm not even into crazy quilts..*VBS*

    You did such a wonderful job. Having half a wreath to finish was a big last round!! Good for you! Hugs, Finn


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