Saturday, October 14, 2006

Catching up

Thanks to a nice comment from Suze this noon doing the daily hour on the Watermelon quilt was more fun.
Thanks Suze! Your motivation is very appreciated :-)

I thought about whether to catch up for the 3 lost hours Wednesday through Friday or not, but could not decide. I do not like to play catch up really, but I want this quilt ready for hand quilting as soon as possible and preferably before next weekend !

I decided to give one extra hour a try, and one extra hour lead to another and now, by midnight, I can say I have put 4 hours in altogether through the day and are all caught up :-)
Earlier today all I had was the half done cornerstones and now the cornerstones are done and joined with the horizontal sashing and the vertical sashing is also done, waiting for the last 3 big blocks.

I am so happy I bought some extra of the flower 100 % linen fabric - or so I thought, that I had a lot extra I mean.
I bought more than the pattern called for and all I have left is 1,5" x width of fabric.
I must admit I broke a sweat there a moment and thought I had to little, forgetting about the joining of row 3 already !
This is not a fabric you can buy everywhere and it is 5 months since I bought it, so the chance of being able to get more is rather slim.
It feels good that I made it with what I had ! Big sigh of relief !


  1. Isn't it amazing when you start working and find it hard to stop? I love when I get that way. Too bad it doesn't happen very often for me.

  2. so glad you had enough fabric to not have to change plans at this late point!

  3. Well done Hanne! You just dug in, got on a roll, and kept at it. What a satisfying feeling you must have. Thank goodness you had enough of that one fabric. This is such an interesting, different quilt. I've never seen anything else like it. It will be just beautiful when you are done.

  4. Hanne, this quilt is so cute. I am glad you did run out of fabric. I have faced that fear before and it is not fun. I look forward to seeing the completed quilt.

  5. It's coming along so quickly! And all those circles can't be easy either, you have a lot more patience than I do!

  6. hurray for you! Hanne...keeping with it and squeaking by with just enough fabric-whew! I can imagine you holding your breath to see if it would work.
    what a wonderful feeling to be so close to having this top finished.

  7. Hanne, you do such wonderful work. These blocks look great as pinwheels, and look even more fabulous as circles. I am so impressed!

  8. Du verden som su står på. Dette blir virkelig stilig. Så enkelt og så praktfult. Gleder meg til resten, og jeg håper også å få se det "live"

  9. The linen fabric is a nice addition to this quilt. Ready for hand quilting by the weekend--wow! You have been working hard on this one--it is looking beautiful.

  10. Another dynamite quilt Hanne! The work you do is really impressive! Including the Dear Jane. I wish I could take your classes!

  11. Great news on having enough fabric! I almost always buy extra - figuring I might cut something wrong, it might shrink more than I thought... ummm - the directions are wrong (has happened)... sometimes I use it ALL and other times there is some left for the scrap box - but I would always rather have a bit extra than not enough. Your hour at a time is really adding up so nicely - this is a lovely quilt! An uninterrupted hour of sewing time is pretty much unheard of in my household, but is sure is fun to see what others can get done in such a nice block of time!!!



  12. I totally love how this is turning out. Just looking at it makes me smile.


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