Thursday, October 12, 2006

What happened to the days ?

The days are passing by like a fast train with me clinging to the last wagon, so if you see some dangling feet, they are mine ;-)
Life has been super busy and will not slow down before this weekend, but I thought I would slide a posting in anyway.

The Watermelon quilt is coming along as you see.
Yesterday did not have a daily hour and today will have no daily hour either, but come tomorrow and I will be working along again.

I have the swirl for the last 8 cornerstones done and need the framing - gluing and all.
For the last 3 big blocks I need to possibly redo one - it was the first one I made - or maybe it can be saved with some serious work, one has the inner swirl done and one is completed.
This quilt will not have more borders.

I have been giving my Dear Jane teaching papers a facelift.
Tonight the theme is different approaches to curved seams and different approaches to inset seams.
I have been doing several blocks so I have taken photos of all the different stages and made step for step instructions with back and front photos.
In my own not so humble opinion the instructions are good, and just what I would have loved to get in a class :-)
I also love to be well prepared for class - so much more fun for all parties !

Note to self - I have promised my papers on DJ Papa's Star to a couple of people, when I have translated the text.
I will be back with that when life slows down - I have it on my To Do list.

Now I am pulling up my big girl panties, putting on my red power lipstick and facing a very busy day ! Wishing myself luck !


  1. Have a great day Hanne! I love your watermelon quilt so far, it's looking so very striking, and your DJ blocks are perfect as always!

  2. Anonymous2:08 pm

    great post! (I can so see the red lipstick!)

    That watermelon quilt is looking so nice!

  3. The watermelon quilt looks wonderful, Hanne. For your busy schedule, it seems you are really making good progress with it anyway.

    And I loved the DJ blocks, too. Guess I need to spend some more time with your blog to see more of those!

    You'll see on my blog the Jane Was Nuts discussion and my few JWN blocks. Maybe one day I'll attempt a REAL Dear Jane!

  4. My aren't you the busy one......

    Your "Watermelon, New Orleans Style" quilt is taking shape nicely........

    I will need to run to keep up.

  5. Watermelon-quilt growing nice very fast. Look forward to seeing it live.

  6. Love your watermelon quilt. I know exactly what you mean about the days flying by -
    Whew where do they go???

  7. Hope you had a great day! I love the watermelon quilt. You know . . you really make HARD quilts!

    Judy L.

  8. Your watermelon quilt is amazing! I haven't been to your blog in a few days, and hadn't noticed the curved cornerstones before. Wow! One day I might be half as good as you. You really do make hard quilts. I get so frustrated sometimes making them, that I keep going back to the simple baby quilts.


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