Friday, October 06, 2006

Friday update

I am making progress on the Watermelon quilt !
What you see here is the first 2 rows before I started the daily hour.
I have been working on blocks so far, the big blocks, and have finished 3 that were in different stages of completion.
I have worked on the blocks 3 hours so far, and am in fact looking forward to do more. A daily hour is a good approach on any project !
Hmmm - my mind thought I had finished more blocks - wishful thinking ;-)
Now I lack the outer part of 2 of the big blocks and many of the small ones.
My plan is to finish one row at a time.

The day before yesterday our very good friend DD1's kitten came to spend the night. She was stressed and tired from having another kitten visiting over night in her home, and she was obviously uncomfortable - tired but restless, possibly cold - and with a cold nose.
After a meal she jumped up on my sewing table and tried to find a good resting position.
An idea came to mind, and when I covered her with DD2's quilt she rested well and slept under it for 1,5 hours. She usually does not like to have anything over herself. She must have been cold.

After a 1,5 hours she was on top of the quilt, sleeping more. In fact she slept under and on the quilt for hours and DD2 now treasure her quilt as a kitten quilt :-)

I hope to show you some more Watermelon quilt photos before long !

The last I heard on the book that will have the original quilt, the Starboat quilt, in it, is that it is delayed and will be published in 2007. I attended a class with Rie Norum, one of the two authors, in May this year. The book will be in Norwegian.


  1. The watermelon quilt is nice. The cat is just to funny. Animals do strange things.

  2. That kitten is obviously a quilt lover and has great taste!! Soooo cute :)

  3. That watermelon quilt is coming along nicely. I like the sashing that you are creating. Very lovely! And I always like to see new pictures of that beautiful kitty.

  4. Your Watermelin quilt is coming along nicely. I definitely think the kitten has made the quilt her own.

  5. I love that watermellon quilt! It is turning out fabulous! What a darling kitten. It would appear that you really enjoy her visits!

  6. Hanne, I was looking for an old Quilt Sampler issue for something Pam and I were talking about on IM this afternoon. As I grabbed the bunch of old American Patchwork and Quilting mags, I saw the cover quilt on Feb. 2005 and in passing thought "that looks a lot like Hanne's watermelon quilt" Now that I am reading your blog I see, yes! They called it a variation of "Sailor's Joy" and show I believe that the one they show is a vintage quilt circa 1900. I love your colors much better.

    I love seeing pics of that precious little kitty--what a cutie patootey.

  7. love the Watermelon quilt you are making.

  8. The watermelon quilt looks great - can't wait to see it finished. It definitely makes me think of summer.

  9. Beautiful blocks! Are you piecing it by hand?

    This kitten is just so adorable! Amazing she slept under the quilt!

  10. Anonymous3:45 pm

    My 4 year old saw the picture of the blue quilt covering your cat and asked me what is it? I told him it's a kitty blanket. He answered, "I like the doggie on it." Taking a closer look I realize he's right. It's got a dalmation print. Thanks for sharing your photos. I know which quilt my kids will be asking me to make next.

  11. smiled at your story of the cold kitten

  12. Think I will have to come down and take a look at your watermelons!
    Looks great so far.

  13. Awwww, such a cute kitten under the quilt!

  14. I love the setting you've chosen for the Watermelon quilt.

  15. How grand to have a loving grandmother to visit where you can be coddled and get long naps........


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